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Polish dentists 'have better skills and training' The quality of dental treatment in Poland is likely to exceed that found in the UK, a company has claimed.

Polish dentistry impresses on quality and price An increasing number of patients are opting to escape the long queues and high costs of dentistry in the UK and travelling to Poland instead.

Obesity surgery in Brazil is "modern, affordable and safe" The number of overweight people in Brazil is, as in so many countries, growing. But many people are now taking action to increase weight loss.

New Philippines hospital geared for medical tourism A new, state-of-the-art hospital is to be built in the Philippines, providing services for both local people and overseas patients seeking treatment abroad.

Jamaica hospital chief calls for medical tourism Hospitals in Jamaica are urging the nation to make more of an effort to promote its medical services to patients seeking treatment abroad.

UK healthcare system ranked "mediocre" France was announced as the most consumer-friendly healthcare system in Europe at a presentation in Brussels yesterday,

Indian hospital agrees medical tourism initiative A hospital in India has signed a deal which will extend its medical tourism activities.

Do your homework before seeking treatment abroad Many countries offer an excellent standard of cosmetic surgery, but patients are advised to do plenty of background research before choosing a clinic in order to be in a position to make informed choices.

Turkish hospital provides infertility answers The UK has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world and many people would be surprised to learn of hard-to-obtain treatments being routinely available in other countries.

Tourists combine Croatian sightseeing with dentistry Stretched availability of NHS dental treatment is leading many people to seek private treatment, but the cost of UK treatment can be prohibitive for many.

Scots go under the surgeon's knife in India Scottish holidaymakers are swapping hours on the beach for time under the surgeon's knife, according to one travel firm.

Mexican hotel enters medical tourism with luxury package Spa resorts around the world are joining the medical tourism trend and providing packages for visitors to obtain medical checks while on vacation.

Patients travel to Singapore for specialised procedures The number of medical tourists travelling to Singapore from the Middle East for treatment has increased by 20 per cent this year, according to new figures.

Tunisia eyes 'extraordinary' medical tourism boom Tunisia might not be at the top of people's lists when they research medical tourism destinations.

Indian hospitals and airlines contemplate combined medical tourism deals Hospital groups in India are considering striking up partnerships with foreign airlines to help bring in medical tourists.

Dental patients return smiling from Hungary A growing number of patients are travelling to Hungary for dental treatment in response to the cost and scarcity of NHS dentists in the UK.

Silicone breast implants approved by FDA in US Silicone gel breast implants have been approved for use in breast reconstruction and augmentation procedures by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), following a 14-year ban.

Foreigners flock to Thailand for quality treatment at low prices Millions of foreigners have been flocking to Thailand for hospital treatment in recent years, helping to make the country a hotspot for medical tourism.

Australia promotes cosmetic surgery holidays The breast enlargement ambassador of Australia has started a campaign to lure forigners to Australia for their surgery.

Philippines proves ever more popular for cosmetic surgery The Philippines has already earned an estimated $200 million from medical tourists this year, according to Health Department figures released this week

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