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New hope in Bogota for people with advanced abdominal cancers Dr Fernando Arias, MD, a laparoscopic and oncological surgeon along with a local oncologist are offering a state-of-the art treatment;

BERGMANN KORD Hair Clinic is now offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Hair Loss Treatment BERGMANN KORD Hair Transplant Clinic is now offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss treatment, with addition of DNA Activator.

Fact vs Fiction: The truth behind IVF and egg donation Dealing with infertility, without the fictitious stories, can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with, but with advances in technology such as IVF treatment and egg donor programmes, many women are able to fall pregnant successfully.

World Health Tourism Congress to contribute towards global growth Medical travelling is a rapidly growing global industry, representing an estimated US$60 billion of dollars per year revenue and around 30 health-care provider countries around the World, most of them offering as much as 50% savings to the individual medical traveller.

Carbon dioxide therapy – healing treatment at Spa Piestany Carbon dioxide therapy – healing treatment at Spa Piestany

Massage for medical rehabilitation and relaxation The healing effects of massage were known to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Romans.

Weight loss surgery in the Czech Republic from MediCzech The team who launched Après, the London based, top-end, pre and post operative cosmetic surgery facility in 2005, have now been asked to develop a package for British patients looking for affordable weight loss surgery in Prague - less than 2 hours’ travel from London.

7 ways to cope with a career and infertility treatment The IVF road can become very long and lonely in a world that seems filled with babies and where it appears that every other woman gets pregnant with ease.

Brits still concerned about healthcare abroad New research from Aviva UK Health reveals that the NHS still ranks highly in the things that people would miss most if they moved abroad.

NHS cuts – why patients are travelling to India with Amara Healthcare for infertility treatment Amara Healthcare is based in London and provides infertility services to UK patients who travel to India for treatment.

New complex cardiac procedure at Apollo Bramwell Hospital Mauritius-based Apollo Bramwell Hospital is proud to announce the success of another highly complex medical procedure performed for the first time in the Indian Ocean island and the sub-Saharan African region.

Special treatments for stuttering, depression and addiction in Russia Stuttering can be treated by Vsily Vorobiev (of Doctor Vorobiev clinic) in 10 days.

Fortis to enter into new healthcare verticals Fortis Healthcare (India) Ltd, India’s fastest growing chain of hospitals, has received an in-principal approval from its Board of Directors in its Meeting held today, to acquire ~86% stake in Super Religare Laboratories Ltd (SRL):

Euromedical Tours arranges obesity treatment for brother and sister Euromedical Tours and Right Choice UK have recorded a first in the field of Healthcare Travel; a brother and sister duo had bariatric surgery for weight loss in the last six months courtesy this UK based Group.

International model, Mbali Lechler, launches South Africa’s newest egg donor programme International model, Mbali Lechler, has launched South Africa’s newest egg donor programme, FertilityCareSA, which is focused on providing a nurturing yet informative environment for women around the world who are seeking an IVF treatment with an egg donor.

IVF Treatments in Turkey Turkey is known as the meeting point of the West and the East. Back 20 years ago, Turkey had a closed economy and was not really a country of which people had a high opinion of. After the liberazation of its economy in the late 80’s,

Spa Smrdáky in Slovakia: Balneology and rehabilitation for children Spa Smrdáky for children

An end to 'two breasts for the price of one' in Belgium Belgium is famous for affordable cosmetic surgery with patients from abroad. Now the Belgian government wants a ban on all websites with in-depth information on cosmetic surgery.

Bespoke Healthcare holds clinics in Nepal to help epileptic patients Specialist Consultants from Bespoke Healthcare have undertaken a two week trek to remote hospitals in Nepal to treat 100 children and adults suffering from epilepsy.

Apollo Bramwell Hospital partners with Bupa Bupa clients living and working in Mauritius can now have even greater access to world-class healthcare thanks to a partnership between Apollo Bramwell Hospital and Bupa International, the world's leading expatriate health insurer

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