Obesity treatment abroad

Have you considered going overseas for obesity surgery such as gastric banding or gastric bypass surgery or weight loss treatment?

Gastric bypass operations cost around £6,000 and gastric banding around £3,500. Some treatment providers arrange pre-operative assessment and an aftercare service in the UK.

Prices for obesity surgery in Europe are highly competitive.

Read our guide to obesity surgery abroad for a better understanding of getting obesity surgery overseas.

Treatment Abroad also features providers of weight loss treatment abroad, which is the safest and least intrusive way to reduce weight.

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Featured providers

Professional Beauty

Obesity surgery in Belgium

Professional Beauty provides high quality obesity surgery and weight loss treatments in Belgium, specialising in gastric bands and mini gastric bypass surgery.


Obesity surgery in Morocco

ClinicAccess is based in Casablanca and provides medical care and tourist packages in Morocco. They offer a range of surgery and hospital treatments such as obesity care, orthopaedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dental treatment.

Quality Gastric Bypass

Obesity surgery in Belgium make it possible for you to make considerable savings on obesity surgery costs while obtaining high quality, fast and effective weight loss surgery. One of very few overseas surgery organisation to offer surgical cost overrun insurance.

KCM Clinic

Obesity clinic in Poland

KCM Clinic is a modern healthcare provider in Poland offering a range of cosmetic surgery and obesity and weight loss treatments including breast surgery, body reshaping, face and neck surgery, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

The Health Clinic

Obesity/weight-loss surgery in Estonia

The Health Clinic is run by some of Estonia's most highly regarded bariatric surgeons who provide international patients with expert obesity and weight-loss services.


Weight loss surgery in Prague, Czech Republic

With expert knowledge of the Czech Republic's excellent medical and tourist services, PRAGA MEDICA in Prague provides a range of high quality, affordable weight loss surgery procedures including gastric balloon, gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy.


Centre for obesity treatment in Prague, Czech Republic

The ISCARE Clinic has been in the Czech Republic since 1994 providing healthcare services in the complex treatment of obesity, gastroenterology, plastic surgery and assisted reproduction.

Dr Serkan AYHAN Obesity & Metabolic & Acid Reflux Surgeries Clinic

Obesity surgery clinic in Turkey

General Surgeon, Obesity & Metabolic and Anti-Reflux Surgery Specialist Dr Serkan Ayhan works with top private hospitals in Istanbul, Izmir and Tekirdag in Turkey to provide international patients with access to effective weight loss solutions and relief from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) at transparent and affordable prices. Patients can choose which city they would prefer to have treatment in and are personally cared for throughout their stay by Dr Ayhan and his team.

The Health Clinic

Obesity/weight-loss surgery in Estonia

The Health Clinic is run by some of Estonia's most highly regarded bariatric surgeons who provide international patients with expert obesity and weight-loss services.


Weight loss surgery in the Czech Republic

MEDICAL TRAVEL is the leading medical tourism agency in the Czech Republic, which provides several medical services including weight loss procedures....


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