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Vietnam offers latest cosmetic surgery technology The medical tourism industry has really taken off in Vietnam thanks to the opening of additional specialised clinics and the latest technologies, it has been reported.

Hip replacement in Malta after NHS refusal A British woman has undergone life-changing hip replacement surgery in Malta after the NHS refused to treat her.

India To Invest $6.5bn In Medical Tourism The Indian government has announced that it plans to invest $6.5 billion (£3.14 billion) to encourage medical tourism in India.

Buttock Enlargement Surgery In Thailand Consumers who are dissatisfied with their flat, un-shapely bottom could benefit from a trip to a Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand which is offering to enhance this asset.

Taiwan to promote medical tourism Private hospitals in Taiwan are to promote the country for medical tourism and hope to generate US$215.52 million within three years.

Malta popular with UK medical tourists Medical tourism is becoming a sizeable industry in Malta thanks to growing frustration with long NHS waiting lists in the UK and patients' desire to avoid the risk of MRSA in British hospitals, it has emerged.

Korea mulls medical tourism complex A new complex designed to cater specifically for tourists seeking treatment abroad is being considered by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in Korea.

Medical tourism means demand for translators Medical tourism means demand for translators

'No more stigma' attached to male cosmetic surgery The number of men opting to have cosmetic surgery is on the rise and there is no longer a stigma attached to undergoing procedures, according to one contented patient.

Medical tourism saves you thousands, but do your research The rapid growth of medical tourism has allowed Britons to save thousands of pounds on medical procedures.

Increasing number of Britons going on a 'nip and tuck holiday' During 2006, more than 50,000 Brits travelled abroad for low cost medical treatments, with cosmetic surgery and dentistry at the top of most people's holiday itinerary, according to an independent survey commissioned by medical tourism company Treatment Abroad.

Medical tourist, Michael Owen, makes swift recovery after double hernia operation in private German clinic With England facing Estonia at Wembley on October 13th, followed by a return match against Russia four days later in Moscow in the European Championship qualifying matches, top football striker Michael Owen's hernia problem has been attracting much media attention.

Medical tourism boom in America As the presidential hopefuls reveal their intentions for the US healthcare system, Americans are turning to a market-driven approach to get their medical treatment abroad.

Americans save money with treatment abroad The financial rewards of travelling abroad for medical treatment are so great that more and more Americans are choosing to have their operations overseas.

Dental treatment holiday package in Kerala Dental patients from the UK are saving thousands of pounds by choosing to have their dental treatments abroad.

Thailand's medical tourism attracts 70,000 Emiratis A 20,000 increase in the demand for treatment abroad in Thailand has seen the UAE's medical tourism figures rise to 70,000 patients.

Americans choose low cost medical care abroad Americans choose discreet low cost medical care abroad by travelling abroad for complex medical procedures, Americans can save between five and 20 times the cost of having their operations on home soil.

Precision Eye Laser Centre in the Philippines It’s not easy being astigmatic, farsighted or nearsighted.

20,000 Britons go abroad for dental treatment The Observer newspaper reported on Sunday that some 20,000 UK citizens travelled abroad last year for dental treatment.

Save thousands on treatment abroad The Mail on Sunday’s recent investigation into medical tourism revealed that Britons can save thousands of pounds in choosing to have their treatment abroad.

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