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Embryoclinic is awarded the CovidShield Certification by TUV Austria After inspection, the EMBRYOCLINIC IVF UNIT in Thessaloniki, Greece, received the certification as a safe unit which applies all measures to avoid spread of the virus and to protect patients and personnel. The confidence of our patients has increased during the pandemic and all requirements and procedures are implemented to protect the patients, personnel and facilities of Embryoclinic.

Institut Marquès guarantees the best results in assisted reproduction Once the decision of resorting to assisted reproduction to become parents has been made, it is essential to choose the centre that offers the best performance in terms of competence,

Helvetic Clinics opens Swiss border dental clinic in France Helvetic Clinics have expanded by opening ‘Centre Dentaire Ferney Voltaire’, a new dental clinic located in France at the Swiss border.

Vitrolife EMBRYOSCOPE+ (Time-Lapse) incubator is now available at Clinic EGV in Latvia The Vitrolife EMBRYOSCOPE+ (Time-Lapse) incubator which has been shown to considerably improve the successful outcome of medical fertilisation, as well as reducing the risk of miscarriage, is now available at Clinic EGV in Latvia.

Aestheticstanbul 2019 Sponsored by Estetik International Health Group, the 2nd International Aesthetics Surgery Symposium, Aestheticstanbul, will be held on 11th-13th October 2019 at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

Samsung Medical Center Achieves 300 Cases of Heart Transplantation The Medical Center has the best multidisciplinary heart failure team in Korea and recieves more than 50% of Korea's patients.

Samsung Colorectal Cancer Center introduces Da Vinci SP surgery robot This state-of-the-art instrument allows for more precise surgery and minimizes the risk.

Institut Marquès CEO's book goes international The CEO of Institut Marquès has had her successful guide translated into English and Italian.

Discover Institut Marquès' headquarters in Dublin Institut Marquès have relocated their Dublin HQ to Beacon Court in Sandyford which is accessible from Dublin town centre.

Eugonia elected to join ESHRE Chief Gynecologist G. Lainas was elected as coordinator for The European Society of Human Reproduction and Endocrinology at their annual meeting.

Eugonia Clinic is certified for ISO EN 15224 Eugonia Clinic, a fertility clinic in Greece, was one of the first ART units to be certified for its services in assisted reproductive medicine.

Eugonia pregnancy rates rank among the best internationally The fertility clinic boasts some of the best pregnancy success rates in the world which is reflective of the high quality of treatment they offer.

New study by Eugonia investigates optimal fertilization method A study in collaboration with the University of Thessaloniki looks at whether IVF or ICSI is better for patients who have only had one oocyte received.

Vejthani Hospital becomes one of the most certified Thai hospitals Vejthani Hospital, a private quaternary hospital in Bangkok, has received 5 Clinical Care Program Certifications from Joint Commission International, USA that accredits the top-tier hospitals with highest patient safety.

Successful robotic spinal surgery at Vejthani Hospital Vejthani Hospital, the first private hospital in Southeast Asia to introduce Robotic Spinal Surgery approved by FDA, USA along with the expert team of veteran spine specialists ensure 99.70% accuracy in the surgical outcomes.

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program awarded its “Accreditation with Excellence” to Vejthani Hospital. The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program awarded its “Accreditation with Excellence” to Vejthani Hospital.

Institut Marquès will plant this year the tree number 1,000 in its "Forest of Embryos" The Forest of Embryos, an initiative which celebrates births by planting trees, will plant its thousandth tree this year.

Institut Marquès will plant the 1,000th tree in its "Forest of Embryos" The Forest of Embryos, an initiative which celebrates births by planting trees, will plant its thousandth tree this year.

GENESIS Hospital receives successful inspection for European Standard GENESIS Hospital was the first Hospital in Northern Greece to be certified with this standard which relates to the provision of health services.

GENESIS Hospital receives award for Commercial Excellence The GENESIS Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital received the award for Commercial Excellence during a brilliant celebration at the Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens for the established “Diamonds of the Greek Economy Awards 2018".

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