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Prices for cancer treatment in Europe are highly competitive and European hospitals offer a full range of surgical and radiotherapy treatments as well as chemotherapy, which can sometimes be the only course of treatment for some types of tumour. We feature cancer treatment clinics and hospitals in countries such as Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany and Spain.

There are more than 200 types of cancer affecting different parts of the body - and correspondingly there are many different types of cancer treatment available including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, as well as a number of newer innovative treatments in some European cancer centres.

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Featured providers

IMOR Foundation

Cancer clinic in Spain

The IMOR Foundation in Barcelona, Spain specialises in brachytherapy and radiotherapy.

Parkside Hospital and Cancer Centre London

Cancer treatment in London

Part of Aspen Healthcare, Parkside Hospital and Cancer Centre London is an international cancer treatment centre offering cancer surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for all major cancers. They treat amongst other breast, bladder, prostate, lung, gastro-intestinal, skin, gynaecology and brain cancers, and also boasts advanced haemato-oncology services for lymphoma and myeloma cancers.

Radiation Oncology Clinic Hamburg

Cancer therapy in Germany

Cyberknife Center Hamburg is a multi-physician cancer treatment practice, specialised in targeted radiation therapy.

Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Cancer treatment in China

A leading provider of international healthcare, Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) in China offers a holistic approach to cancer treatment, combining cutting edge technology with natural treatments. Specialising in minimally invasive cancer treatment designed to minimise side-effects and improve overall quality of life, the hospital's dedicated Cancer Center provides treatment for a range of cancers, including liver cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. As a neurologically-specialised hospital, BPIH also provides the most up-to-date surgical and non-surgical treatments for brain tumour, often operating on cases that other hospitals have considered 'inoperable'.


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