A guide to medical tourism

Our guide to medical tourism worldwide helps you to decide which is the best destination and healthcare provider for your needs, and provides practical advice about going overseas for surgery, dentistry or other kinds of treatment.

In this section...

Is treatment abroad for you?

Medical tourism,as it is now known, is a growing industry. There are now many medical tourism businesses in the market, and more and more countries ...

What to consider

In considering opting for medical tourism worldwide, you should find out as much as possible about the procedure you are interested in - an informe ...

Deciding where to go

Take a look at the destinations for treatment abroad. Each country varies in terms of savings, costs and areas of surgical specialty. ...

How much does it cost?

Get quotes from the healthcare provider or medical tourism agent//broker; Many offer surgery packages including flights, accommodation and transfer ...

Working out the full cost of treatment abroad

Low treatment costs are the main reason that most people travel abroad for treatment. With prices as low as 20% of the cost of treatment in the UK, ...

Checking out the surgeon/dentist

Making sure that you have chosen the right surgeon or dentist begins with finding out about the qualifications and accreditations the dentists, doc ...

Questions to ask the surgeon/dentist

There are many questions to ask the surgeon but the most important aspect is about safety, so grill the surgeon as much as you need until you feel ...

Checking out the clinic /hospital

Check to see that the proposed provider/country lists which professional regulatory bodies oversee its private clinics, and if not, ask. ...

How to compare different providers

The bottom line is to choose a provider/company/surgeon that you trust and feel most comfortable with. ...

What outcome can you expect?

Whether at home or abroad there are no guarantees regarding the result of any surgical or dental procedure, and this is especially true with plasti ...

What not to do

Go for cosmetic surgery or dentistry based only on pictures or email correspondence. ...

The practicalities of going abroad

After the initial enquiry phone call or email has been made, and a formal quote for treatment received, the next step is the consultation process, ...

What to do if something goes wrong

All operations carry some risk and while it is hoped that all medical, dental, or cosmetic procedures will go to plan even with a smooth procedure ...


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