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MediCzech approved under Treatment Abroad Code of Practice MediCzech, a brand of Progress Medical, the leading healthcare facilitator in the Czech Republic, has become the first provider in the Czech Republic to receive full certification under the Code of Practice for Medical Tourism managed by Treatment Abroad

Treatment of rheumatic disorders in Slovakia In April, Health Spa Piešťany and the Slovak Medical and Rheumatology Association organised the 7th Spring Congress, with the main topic of biological therapy of inflammatory rheumatic diseases and ochronosis – a pathological discoloration of the tissue affecting mostly bones.

Innovations at the Mediterranean Fertility Center, Crete, Greece Infertility is a term that describes the inability to conceive a pregnancy. Approximately 30% of couples of childbearing age have fertility problems.

World Health Tourism Congress taking place in Murcia, Spain. June 17-19 2011 Grand Aurum Marketing alongside Aura Events under the patronage of the Government of the region are proud to announce the World Health Tourism Congress taking place in Murcia, Spain. June 17-19 2011

MediCzech to offer quality medical treatment in the Czech Republic to the UK market MediCzech, a brand of Progress Medical, will start offering its services in the UK as of 1 March 2011. Initially, complex bariatric treatments and aesthetic surgery will be available; later, other surgical treatments will be added, including orthopaedic and cardio surgeries, dental treatments and assisted reproduction procedures.

The Indian Medical Tourism Show held in Kenya, Africa, for the first time The most prominent people of the medical industry of both the countries attended this exhibition.

Medical Tourism Training Inc launches online courses Brookline, Massachusetts- Medical Tourism Training, Inc.announces five new online courses available on its web site, Designed to provide fundamental information and skills vital to success, these courses appeal to industry professionals and consumers who want to learn about international health travel and medical tourism.

50 Patients Seek Screening for Colon Cancer In First 2 Weeks MediBid started a program to reimburse patients for the $25 service fee, making it free for them to receive Bids on the website.

The Dental Holiday story Due to its patientpackages being exceptionally popular BG DENTA have decided to extend the offer until the end of August, 2011. So if you are to book to go over before the end of August then you will still get these amazing packages with BG DENTA smile!

Recent focus from international healthcare on telemedicine Article summarizing the recent focus from international healthcare on telemedicine

International healthcare on telemedicine, an vital area of healthcare Telemeding Healthcare Multiplies Channels of Medical Resources

Fortis C-DOC: For diabetes, metabolic diseases and endocrinal disorders Fifty per cent of diabetics do not know that they have the disease unless tested or unless they have complications.

Not all travel insurance policies are the same! If you are planning to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery, dental, elective or spa procedures, please check your travel insurance to make sure you are fully covered.

Wellspring Meditour India Facilitates CME and Health Camp at Muscat The high value potential of India’s meditourism has remained a distant dream for many years until a handful of dynamic promoters came forward to make it viable and successful.

Murell Donald joins Satori World Medical as Director of Client Services SAN DIEGO – January 31, 2011 – Satori World Medical, a leader in medical travel, adds Murell Donald to its management team in the role of Director of Client Services.

Leading Medical Holiday agency in India Indian Medical Holiday (IMH) is one of the leading medical tourism companies based in India, New Delhi who provides you excellent healthcare programs and services along with memorable holidays in India.

International Medical Tourist Zones and Healthcare Cities: Government vs. Private Investment Several countries have begun to invest in ambitious large scale medical clustering projects, sometimes called “Healthcare Cities” or “Medical Zones”, motivated by the potential to attract foreign healthcare consumers, often referred to as medical/healthcare travellers or “medical tourists”. Many are claiming that “medical tourism” is a booming global industry.

World First waive Insurance Premium Tax increase during January World First Travel Insurance is helping travellers to beat the Taxman this month by keeping the cost of their travel insurance premiums the same as 2010, despite the rise in the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

Moolchand became India’s First Multi-specialty Hospital to Receive Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Com Moolchand became India’s First Multi-specialty Hospital to Receive Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Commendation Certificate Moolchand became India’s first multi-specialty hospital to receive the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Commendation Certificate for Large Scale Service Industry in the Healthcare category for the year 2009.

“India: Medical Tourism Destination 2011”, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from March 17th-18th '11 India: Medical Tourism Destination 2011”, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from March 17th to 18th 2011, at the prestigious Kenyatta International Convention Centre will showcase the best of Indian healthcare in Kenya

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