Eye surgery abroad

Have you considered going overseas for eye surgery such as cataract, glaucoma, squint, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia?

Prices for eye surgery in Europe are highly competitive. Some treatment providers arrange pre-operative assessment and an aftercare service in the UK.

We feature eye surgery clinics and hospitals in countries such as Belgium , Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Malta, Russia and Spain.

We also operate a sister site - Private Healthcare UK - if you are interested in eye surgery at a UK clinic or private hospital.

Featured providers


Eye surgery in Turkey and Hungary

MedicalHealthCare are a medical travel agency from England who offer the latest eye surgery treatments including lens replacement, cataract surgery, laser treatment, retina treatment, glaucoma treatment and eye examinations.

Medlife Group

Eye surgery in Turkey

Medlife Group Izmir, Turkey is a medical travel agency offering access to the best eye surgeons in Turkey.

Innova Ocular IOA Madrid

Eye surgery in Spain

Innova Ocular IOA Madrid is an eye clinic in Spain, staffed with a team of highly qualified professionals and equipped with the latest technology. They offer a range of ophthalmic surgery and treatments such as cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, paediatric ophthalmology, blepharoplasty, refractive surgery, treatment for presbyopia and laser eye surgery.

ICR Ophthalmology Center Barcelona

Eye clinic in Spain

Located in the Sarríà Saint Gervasi district of Barcelona, Institut Català de Retina (ICR) is an national and international ophthalmology centre of reference offering a comprehensive range of eye treatments for all age groups, including LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, the latest intraocular lenses, AMD treatment, blepharoplasty, treatment for glaucoma, repair of retinal detachment, and assessment and management of amblyopia (lazy eye syndrome) in children. Overseas patients are supported throughout their visit by the ICR international assistance team and the clinic collaborates with a number of international health insurance companies.

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