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Proton beam therapy (PBT) is a new approach to delivering radiotherapy which uses a beam of protons rather than X-rays to deliver a dose of radiotherapy for patients who have cancer. This new approach to cancer treatment is proving to more effective in some forms of cancer and gives rise to less side effects. The capital investment required to provide PBT is very high, hence many patients are having to travel to treatment centres in another country for treatment. Some are funded by their domestic health system; some are funding themselves or are obtaining charitable funding for this high cost treatment.

This guide provides an overview of proton beam therapy and guides the patient in exploring the options for proton beam therapy abroad. It has been developed through the experience that we have gained through operating the Treatment Abroad web site and our knowledge of the medical tourism industry in general.

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Treatment Abroad is a leading web site on medical tourism. The site provides access to information about clinics, hospitals, and specialists globally that are attracting patients from overseas. For many destinations, we provide information covering the healthcare services available, doctor accreditation, treatment costs and travel and accommodation.

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What is proton beam therapy?

Proton beam therapy is a type of radiotherapy. It differs from the usual type of radiotherapy that many cancer patients receive as part of their tr ...

Applications of proton beam therapy

Proton beam therapy can be used to treat cancer and also some non-cancerous tumours, particularly those that occur in the brain. It is a form of ra ...

What is the evidence that proton beam therapy works?

Although the theory supporting the use of proton beam therapy is attractive and plausible, there is some controversy about whether there is hard ev ...

What is it like to have proton beam therapy?

The experience of having proton beam therapy is similar to having radiotherapy based on X-rays. The precise location that the treatment will be aim ...

The future for proton beam therapy

It is impossible to say exactly how proton beam therapy will progress over the next decade but the indications are, it will become more widely used ...

How do UK patients access proton beam therapy?

The UK has only one proton beam therapy facility, a small unit at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. ...

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The King Hussein Cancer Centre treats all cancers and performs approximately 300 bone marrow transplants a year. The King Hussein Cancer Centre is the one of the only specialised cancer centres in the Middle East treating both adults and children. They also offer various diagnostic imaging services such as MRI and CT scans and have a highly advanced Chemotherapy Unit.

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