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GENESIS Hospital attend the IMTJ Summit 2018 GENESIS Hospital, who are intending to expand into medical tourism, participated in the annual “IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2018” which was held in Athens in May.

Helvetic Dental Clinics receive “Best of Budapest” award for the second year running Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest has been named "Best of Budapest & Hungary" in "Health and Medical Services" category.

The Forest of Embryos: Institut Marquès plants a tree for every birth Institut Marquès, an internationally-recognised fertility clinic in Barcelona, Spain has recently launched The Forest of Embryos, a reforestation programme that involves planting a tree in honour of each child born as a result of its treatments.

Pioneering pulmonary balloon angioplasty procedure performed with the use of Virtual Reality Goggles The European Health Center Otwock near Warsaw in Poland has performed a pioneering balloon angioplasty procedure with the support of HoloLens Virtual Reality Goggles.

Baby joy for Malaga cancer patient who froze her eggs In the first case of its type seen at the Reproduction Unit of Gutenberg Centre (URE) located in Malaga, Spain, a cancer patient who froze her eggs has given birth to a healthy baby.

IVF for lesbian couples in Greece EmBIO Medical Center’s high success rates in fertility treatments, coupled with Greece’s progressive patient-friendly legislation, make it possible for same-sex female couples to get pregnant using IVF in Greece.

Balloon kyphoplasty now available at St Catherine Specialty Hospital in Croatia St Catherine Specialty Hospital in Croatia has performed its first procedures using balloon kyphoplasty, a minimally-invasive treatment for spinal compression fractures

What type of person chooses to go for treatment abroad? Treatment Abroad has analysed he demographics of UK medical tourists to gain a better insight into the market. This has been done through examination of the reviews submitted to the website Medical Tourism Reviews over the past year.

Dental tourism as popular as ever With the costs of dental treatment in the UK ever increasing and waiting lists getting longer each year, medical tourism for dental treatment is proving a popular choice for many UK patients. Not only this but the expertise and range of treatments availab

What are the most popular dental tourism destinations? The Treatment Abroad study evaluated website enquiries over this 6 month period and revealed that the countries of Central & Eastern Europe are proving to be the most popular destinations

What are the top medical tourism destinations for fertility treatments? Further analysis shows Spain to be the most popular country with over 200 enquiries, but with Greece not far behind

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is popular with UK medical tourists Treatment Abroad analysed patient enquiries on the website over the first 6 months of 2017 to gain a better understanding of the fertility medical tourism market

ICSI is popular with UK medical tourists Treatment Abroad analysed patient enquiries on the website over the first 6 months of 2017 to gain a better understanding of the fertility medical tourism market

IVF treatment is the most popular treatment for UK fertility patients. According to a recent Treatment Abroad study, more UK patients interested in fertility treatment abroad enquired about IVF treatment than any other fertility treatment.

Ana Konjuh fit following treatment in Croatia Tennis player Ana Konjuh is completely recovered following treatment for an abdominal strain at St Catherine Specialty Hospital in Croatia.

Ocean Clinic plastic surgeons “Give Back” by operating on Africa’s poorest Ocean Clinic Marbella recently teamed with two local charitable organisations to carry out life-changing surgery on 25 children and adults in Kenya.

FMS Dental Hospitals…..proud to be a finalist for IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2017 FMS Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad, India, has been announced as a finalist in the ‘Best Medical Travel Website’ category of the annual awards of leading medical travel publication, the IMTJ.

Intersono IVF clinic exhibits at Germany’s leading fertility fair Intersono IVF clinic recently took part in Kinderwunschtage where they offered free fertility consultations and legal advice to couples looking for IVF, legal egg donation and surrogacy options.

Helvetic Dental Clinics starts 2017 with an award! Helvetic Clinics Budapest has been recognized as a Treatment Abroad Patients’ Choice award winner for 2017.

Helvetic Clinics now accepting Bitcoin in Budapest Helvetic Dental Clinics in Budapest have announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin for dental treatments in 2017.

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