Pioneering pulmonary balloon angioplasty procedure performed with the use of Virtual Reality Goggles


European Health Center Otwock near Warsaw in Poland has performed a pioneering balloon angioplasty procedure with the support of HoloLens Virtual Reality Goggles to project a holographic anatomical image of the pulmonary arteries. The 3D model of the vessels made by the technology helps the operator to accurately restore the blood flow in the blood vessels and remove blood clots that block  the blood flow through the lungs.

The Professor explained "a 3D holographic image of branched vessels is displayed in front of the eyes of the operator. The image can be used to zoom in and out in order to visualise what is most important at every stage of the procedure."

About European Health Center Otwock

Located in peaceful forested surroundings in Otwock, near Warsaw Poland, European Health Center Otwock is a modern multi-specialty clinic offering innovative, high quality treatment in the fields of cardiology, oncology, cardio-oncology, urology, gynaecology, general surgery and bariatrics, and oncological pain. The cardiology department is led by Associate Professor, MD Adam Torbicki, Vice-President of the European Society of Cardiology and a recognised leader in his field, and provides expert treatment for heart conditions including pulmonary artery hypertension, coronary disease and pulmonary embolism.

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