Eugonia pregnancy rates rank among the best internationally


With successful pregnancy rates among the highest to be found anywhere in the world, Eugonia has percentages that reach 88%. This number reflects the clinical and scientific excellence, the personalised IVF treatment and the most-up-to-date technologies and techniques.

The achievement of a pregnancy depends on many factors in IVF:

  • quality and number of embryos
  • age
  • sperm quality
  • cause of infertility
  • the knowledge and skill of gynecologists, embryologists, nurses and other scientists involved in the treatment
  • infrastructure and quality control of the laboratory.

Note: The table refers to women whose embryo reached blastocyst stage. Frozen embryo cycles are excluded.

To be more specific, 88% of women <35 years old had a positive test , clinical pregnancy rate was 80%, ongoing pregnancies were 73% and live births were 70% per embryo transfer.

Women 35-39 years old had positive test rate of 72%, clinical pregnancy rate of 56%, ongoing pregnancy rate of 46% and live birth rate of 43% per embryo transfer.

Women >40 years old had positive test rate of 56%, clinical pregnancy rate of 50%, ongoing pregnancy rate of 39% and live birth rate of 33% per embryo transfer.

Every day, new knowledge is accumulated from scientists worldwide in order to increase pregnancy rates. The publication of a study in a medical journal contributes to improve knowledge of the subject.

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