Application of Artficial Intelligence systems


  • The selection of the most suitable embryo for implantation is ensured, with an accuracy of up to 92.5%
  • The chances of pregnancy increase from the 1st embryo transfer

A new top collaboration with innovative Artificial Intelligence systems for the first time in Greece by the Institute of Life – IASO.

The Institute of Life-IASO, faithful to the vision of its shareholders-doctors, continues to invest in new technologies and new scientific collaborations to bring all couples one step closer to meeting their expectations.

In the context of the application of the most innovative methods aimed at the best results in achieving pregnancies, the Institute of Life – IASO announces the scientific collaboration with the world-renowned Clinical Embryologist Dr Jacques Cohen and innovates with the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Dr Jacques Cohen is a member of Professor Edwards’ scientific team that gave birth to the first IVF baby, Louise Brown. It is globally recognized for the development and evolution of a range of embryonic innovations and protocols that are now common in the modern IVF laboratory, such as single-step culture materials, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and cryopreservation of embryos.

The most modern form of Artificial Intelligence technology will be applied from now on at the Institute of Life – IASO on two levels:

  1. Through the ERICA system “Embryo Ranking Intelligent Classification Algorithm” the embryo selection process is optimized, in order to select the most suitable embryo for embryo transfer. This new prognostic software prioritizes foetuses based on their ability to successfully implant in the expectant mother’s uterus, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy. This is the most advanced Artificial Intelligence system for fetal evaluation in the world and is applied for the first time in Greece by the Institute of Life – IASO. Applying the classic selection criteria, in combination with the ERICA system, we can select the fetus with the highest probability of pregnancy with an accuracy of up to 92.5%.
  2. With the installation of the new pioneering Artificial Intelligence system which will focus for the first time on the selection of the appropriate sperm, in order to significantly increase the chances of successful fertilization of the egg.

The success of a fertility centre lies in its ability to detect the healthiest embryos that have the best chance of implantation in the womb. The ERICA system makes for each fetus an accurate analysis of more than 20 parameters, many of them invisible to the human eye.

  • It analyses the results of each embryo and classifies them according to their viability, from the most appropriate to the least viable. In this way, both doctors and couples learn accurately their true potential to pass a positive pregnancy test.
  • It greatly facilitates the work of the embryologist, as it detects the most important parameters for each fetus from just a few images. The ERICA system compares these images with the large and ever-growing database of cases collected over the years, to learn and improve its accuracy in a smart way.

Artificial intelligence through large data collection, image analysis and smart software will help both the clinician and the embryologist in making critical decisions about the process of diagnosing and treating couples. Artificial intelligence is the most promising form of modern technological support and is expected to play a dominant role in the coming years in Assisted Reproduction.

It is reminded that the scientific collaboration of the Institute of Life – IASO with the world-renowned Clinical Embryologist Dr. Jacques Cohen started through the International IVF Initiative i3 platform, which he has created (a global e-learning platform for assisted reproductive health professionals, of which our partner is Clinical Embryologist Dr. Giles Palmer).

The Institute of Life – IASO had the great honour to be presented to the global scientific community by the i3 platform for the pioneering scientific work of the Clinical Research “Material Fuselage Transfer”, conducted in the laboratory of the Institute of Life at IASO. The team at the Institute of Life and Embryotools are studying the possibility of treating women with infertility, and recurrent IVF failures due to ovarian cytoplasmic dysfunction, as well as the possibility of treating severe mitochondrial conditions.


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