Carbon dioxide therapy – healing treatment at Spa Piestany


Carbon dioxide therapy – healing treatment at Spa Piestany

CO2 therapy is one of very effective forms of carbon dioxide treatments, the purpose of which is to activate the vascular system. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is introduced into the organism by absorbing through the skin into venous and lymphatic circulation. One of the application forms is so-called dry carbon dioxide bath. This is a modern method requiring that the patient remains for some time in a relaxing environment of a bag filled with gas. The bath has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects.

The mechanism of action of the carbon dioxide has been known throughout the history. Romans as well as Greeks inhaled the CO2 released during volcanic eruptions. Spring water containing CO2, was known for its positive effects on an ill organism. Later on first spa resorts began to sprout close to these locations, focusing on the treatment of circulatory and metabolic disorders. However, the physiological effects of the gas were demonstrated only at the end of the century by professor Přerovský.

At present there are two types of carbon dioxide treatment available - baths from natural sources and artificial baths. In the latter case the CO2 is added to water from a pressurized tank. By absorbing the CO2 under the skin, an artificial oxygen debt is created locally, meaning that the body has a “lack" of oxygen for a little while. However, the human organism has its own mechanisms to counteract this condition and compensate it at least partially. In fact the body can react to the lack of oxygen very vigorously and this is the mechanism that is activated by this effect. An artificial oxygen debt resulting from the carbon dioxide treatment is capable of initiating the local and general hyperemia of the tissues. The body thus makes a much better use of the oxygen reserves, the muscular spasms are released, the processes of regeneration are improved and degenerative – i.e. ageing processes are slowed down.


In case of dry carbon dioxide bath, the patient is sitting comfortably in a reclined seat and feels practically nothing except for a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation, rarely tingling. In some cases the body (except for head) is enclosed in a special plastic bag, filled with 95-100% carbon dioxide, and the patient is relaxing in it.

This condition of the organism results in the activation of all secretory glands - extrinsic and intrinsic. All metabolic, nervous, hormonal and mental processes are mobilized. This treatment method reinforces the weakened organism, but it also maintains good health and facilitates relaxation. The carbon dioxide baths are so fine, that patients with any conditions may take the treatment. The very first 40-minute session will bring relaxation to the patient. Dry carbon dioxide bath is recommended in the treatment of hypertension, ischemic heart disease, post-surgery conditions and for regeneration of the skin and as anti-ageing prevention. The treatment reduces edemas, corrects some hormonal disorders in women and some potency disorders in men at young at middle age. At the same time it increases muscular strength, it also has beneficial effect on the reduction of body weight and eliminates migraine in case of vaso-spastic migraine. At the same time it helps to improve the tissue nutrition and flexibility of collagen, supporting the release of oxygen bound in hemoglobin, significantly improving the permeability of capillary bed, brining anti-inflammatory effects, improved blood supply, resulting in faster healing of tissues. The process brings about biochemistry changes, resulting in significant improvement of overall blood supply, positive effects on formation of new collateral vessels and positive effects on blood pressure. It is capable of activating a whole series of mechanisms, reducing the risk of thrombosis and embolic complications. It also stimulates the production of testosterone and estradiol, therefore it is successfully used to alleviate menopause problems in women and to improve sexual functions in men.

Diagnostic indications for this treatment method include:

- Disorders of the heart and peripheral blood vessels (narrowing of the lower limb vessels)

- Vascular disorders of brain

- Neurological conditions

- Hormonal disorders

- Headache, migraine

- Muscular cramps, tension, trigger points

- Inflammation of varicose veins

- Spinal column disorders

- Treatment of post-surgery, post-trauma or rheumatic disorders of the locomotory apparatus

- Osteoporosis

- Hypertension

- Male potency disorders

- Locomotory system disorders

- Skin disorders (psoriasis, mycosis)

- Diabetes

- Conditions after surgical treatment of varicose veins

- Arthrosis

In addition to dry carbon dioxide bath there are gas injections available, representing a very efficient form of therapy. In this case the carbon dioxide is introduced to the body by means of subcutaneous injections. CO2 is very well absorbed from the subcutaneous tissue into the venous and lymphatic circulation. This method is equally effective in causing oxygen debt, thus activating all mechanism and improving the blood supply, correcting the blood pressure, and improving the circulatory and locomotory functions.

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Dr. Psica Martin



Health Spa Piestany


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