BERGMANN KORD Hair Clinic is now offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Hair Loss Treatment


BERGMANN KORD Hair Transplant Clinic is now offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss treatment, with addition of DNA Activator.

PRP is a method of autologous tissue revitalization & regeneration. It involves the enrichment of blood plasma with platelets and its direct injection to the area affected by hair loss.

PRP treatment is mainly based on the action of Growth Factors, which are proteins that lie in our body (plasma and platelets contain growth factors) and help it -by developing regenerating and revitalizing action- to repair the tissues that do not operate properly or have been damaged. This is achieved due to the reactivation of the weak adult stem cells and the proliferation & regeneration of the cells that constitute the area of the application.

When implemented as a hair loss treatment, PRP can reactivate the hair follicles that do not operate properly and therefore they can become able to produce healthier hair.

BERGMANN KORD implements a specialized PRP protocol that isolates the total amount of platelets and receives the whole amount of the white phase. Then the plasma is enriched with DNA Activator (DNA nucleotides) and Calcium ions in order to reinforce the platelets΄ action, as well as to regenerate the vessels and the area of implementation.

The autologous nature of PRP renders it a safe treatment with no side effects. It is a simple and painless process and it should be repeated almost every 1 year. As a method, PRP has been implemented for years in wound healing (orthopaedics, chronic traumas, burns and surgical scars) with impressive results.

PRP treatment can be implemented to men & women who suffer from hair loss at early or advanced stages (for the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia, as a supportive treatment to Hair Transplants, for the treatment of Alopecia Areata, for hair loss prevention).

PRP is not (yet) an FDA approved hair loss treatment and although there are a percentage of patients to whom the PRP treatment has slight or even no effectiveness, it appears to be a very promising treatment, mainly due to the fact that hair loss can be reversed and the result can be preserved.

BERGMANN KORD Hair Clinic is centered on providing premium quality services in the field of hair transplants and more than 60.000 patients have entrusted BERGMANN KORD with their hair transplant procedure.

BERGMANN KORD has also accomplished ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certification in Hair Transplants which constitutes an official assurance of its highly efficient medical services.

Branches of BERGMANN KORD operate in Greece, Cyprus and Skopje.

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BERGMANN KORD Hair Transplant Clinic

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