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It’s not easy being astigmatic, farsighted or nearsighted. The inconvenience of having to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, plus the fact that you sometimes lose or need to change or upgrade to specs of higher grade as the years pass can really cramp one’s lifestyle and yes, often put a toll on one’s budget. Great news especially to those desperately clamoring for more, better choices, or at best, want to have that perfect 20/20 vision. Latest developments in vision correction like the Lasik (laser-assisted-in-situ keratomileusis) procedure offer myopics, hyperopics, presbyopics, astigmatics and others better alternatives: safer, precise, cost-efficient – with no side effects.

Lasik was introduced in 2001 and later adopted in 2007 by the US Military, wherein the Department of Defense approved the use of the Intralase Lasik method on their naval aviators in the US Army, navy, Air Force, marine corps, and other civilian agencies. This remarkable endorsement after a thorough process of clinical studies confirms the distinct advantages of the 100% blade-free Lasik Intralase.

And now thru the Customvue Intralase Lasik surgeons are provided with an advanced knowledge and higher level of accuracy, and an even more precise and personal result. With Customvue iLasik, one’s vision is further improved with the changing the shape of the cornea with a laser utilizing the Wavescan Wavefront technology which accurately identifies and measures imperfections or eye defects better – even up to 25 times more and as such, is a very effective treatment for a wide range of vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism among others. The entire procedure only takes minutes with short recovery period, but the results are lasting. To date, more than 1 million Lasik procedures using Intralase have been performed successfully.

Imagine your life totally independent from glasses or contacts...where you can now perform better -- in school or at work and even in social or sports-related activities, whatever time of the day.

The first and only iLasik eye refraction correction is now available in the Philippines under PRECISE EYE LASER CENTER.

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