How to make a realistic cost comparison between infertility treatments and clinics

Submit an infertility treatment enquiry for a price quote on Treatment Abroad to get an idea of how much the treatment will cost in a handful of countries.  Many providers/brokers offer packages including treatment, flights, accommodation and transfers.

The cost of treatment such as IVF, for example, varies from clinic to clinic and country to country.  According to the NHS in the UK, a cycle of IVF including medicines and consultations can cost up to £8,000, and this figure will be higher if donor eggs or sperm are also needed. In the US a typical IVF cycle costs around $12,000, plus medications.

By contrast, in Turkey, the price is significantly less - you can expect to pay around £1,500 (or US$2,250) excluding medication for an IVF (ICSI) cycle.

Paying for infertility treatment

Regarding the financing of the treatment it is vital to get a breakdown of all procedures including consultations and tests in writing.  Ask for a cost analysis from a selection of fertility clinics, and check whether the cost of drugs is included in the price as this often explains differences in pricing.

In your negotiations with the provider/broker establish the means of payment.  Will they require payment in advance, and/or a deposit?  Do they accept credit card, money transfers, or do they want cash payments?  Is it possible to pay by installment?

Before handing over any money ensure you see a valid contract first.  Providers offer packages which include treatment and hotel and transfers.  Get everything clarified beforehand and factor in the cost of passport and/or travel visas, flights, airport pick-up, travel to and from the medical provider, accommodation, food and drink including any tips, phone calls and other correspondence with family at home, medications or medical supplies.

Some clinics offer a compensated egg sharing programme so couples can pay for their IVF treatment by anonymously donating their eggs to a woman who requires them.

Other information to find out before choosing an infertility treatment provider

Find out whether there are any budget airlines flying from your home country to your preferred location as this will cut the price considerably, and to reduce the cost even further aim to make your trip in the low season when there will be better deals on air fares.   

It is important to clarify the clauses regarding follow-up care and what will happen should anything go wrong.  Check the contract for details about making complaints.  Standards of legal protection for patients varies so visit the country’s embassy or consular office website to find out what protections (if any), are guaranteed to you as a visiting patient/medical tourist.  You may find information about patient protection laws on the internet.

Find out about a company's refund policy in the case of an unsuccessful IVF or infertility treatment, or in case you change your mind before/upon arrival in the country, or if it turns you that you have a pre-existing medical condition that causes the treatment to be cancelled.


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