Sperm Freezekit, the new home sperm freezing kit


Institut Marquès has developed and patented Sperm Freezekit, a system that allows the male to freeze his sperm at home and send it to the medical centre.    Progress in technology is changing how things work and innovation in healthcare should be oriented towards facilitating processes for patients   With this method, male patients can obtain their sample in the privacy of their home and it also avoids travelling. In many cases this saves time and money.    The main conclusions of the study conducted on 100 patients and presented at the IX Congress of the Association for the Study of Reproduction Biology ASEBIR (2017) were:  

  • After the "home" freezing, there are no significant differences in the progressive mobility of sperm, neither in their morphology or vitality.
  • The results are the same as the ones obtained by expert biologists. 
  • 67% of the participants in the study say that they prefer to have their sperm cryopreserved outside the clinic. 

In Insitut Marques' experience, Freezekit is an effective, simple and safe system. Since then they have been using it without any incident.

Sperm Freezekit is shipped directly to the address given by the patient. On the chosen day, he will receive a nitrogen tank where he will find everything necessary for the sperm cryopreservation, as well as detailed instructions and the description of the steps to follow. The procedure is quick and simple. The patient has 48 hours to send back his sample once cryopreserved in the interior of the tank. The delivery company will pick it up at the appointed address in order to have it delivered to the clinic.     Once it reaches the laboratory, a part of the sample of the ejaculate is unthawed to confirm the spermatozoa´s vitality and the patient is informed that the process has been completed successfully.  


The sperm self-freezing kit is a new solution for those men wishing to preserve their fertility, for instance before undergoing a vasectomy or an oncological treatment. In addition to that, it is also an option for those men with sexual dysfunctions that have trouble obtaining the sperm sample, or patients that cannot be present at the clinic on the day of the In Vitro Fertilisation.   

A solution for special circumstances:

Furthermore, it is indicated for special circumstances such as women who wish to become pregnant and, for various reasons, are physically estranged from their partners for a longer or less prolonged period of time. For instance, men relocated in military bases, merchant ships, oil or scientific platforms, as well as those living in distant countries and even men who are in prison.

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