3 major reasons why IVF is not successful


The causes of an IVF cycle failing are numerous and each case is individual to the woman involved. Many factors can affect the chances of success in IVF and it’s important to have access to a fertility expert to advise you on the process, especially after a failed cycle.

A failed IVF cycle can have a devastating impact on a woman and it’s important to have an expert to advise you on the best next step.

Many of the causes of a failed IVF cycle arise from the natural process of conception. Many of these risks can be reduced by yourself however not all can be. Again, it’s important to have the opinion of a fertility specialist to help you through this challenging phase.

The poor quality of the embryo is perhaps the biggest reason for failure in IVF for the majority of women. There can be a number of reasons why this might happen but it’s typically related to the embryo being flawed in some way or another. Despite the advancements in medical technology, there is still sometimes the possibility of a flawed embryo not showing up on a test.

Another major factor for unsuccessful cycles of IVF treatments is due to something called chromosomal or other genetic defects.

Typically, when a failed IVF cycle occurs because of this, then in most instances there is not much that could have been done unfortunately. It’s just the case that the embryo simply wasn’t conducive to getting pregnant.

But a failed cycle of IVF treatment is certainly not the end of the road. There are numerous options still available and this includes something called a preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) which is a form of surgery that tests the embryos for any potential chromosomal issues before undertaking the embryo transfer.

Another major reason is the quality of the egg and the age of the woman can play a major role in this. A woman’s eggs naturally declines as she ages however, fertility experts are now able to check and evaluate a woman’s ovarian reserve thanks to the advancements in medical technology.

An option to combat this is freezing eggs which can nullify the risk of aging.

The third major reason why an IVF cycle might not be successful is a poor ovarian response. Women who either do not produce enough eggs, or produce low quality eggs may have an issue which is related to a poor ovarian response. Again, this is more likely in older women with 35 being a typical age from where a woman’s infertility increases.

However, it’s important to remember that even after a failed IVF cycle, there are still alternatives available and it’s certainly not the end of the road. Medical Travel Czech are a team of specialist fertility experts who can provide honest and professional advice at a fraction of the cost that you might pay back in the UK.

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