A guide to infertility treatment abroad

The Treatment Abroad guide to infertility treatment abroad aims to give you information about IVF and other types of infertility treatment.  It explains what you should consider, where to go, and how to choose a clinic.  You'll also find helpful information about comparing costs and the practicalities of going abroad for treatment.  For further information you can also view the Frequently Asked Questions on our sister site, Fertility Treatment Abroad.

Due to the high cost of private infertility treatment in the UK, and the difficulty of getting timely infertility treatment through the NHS, many couples are now considering going abroad for treatment. Private fertility treatment can be available, immediately, and at a significantly lower price if couples are prepared to travel for it. 

There are a growing number of destinations for would-be parents to consider. Countries such as Turkey and India have long been known for their expertise in IVF and ART and offer private treatment at very competitive prices, even with the added price of air fares and hotels. A number of countries, including Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, the Czech Republic and exotic destinations like Barbados are increasingly advertising their expertise in ‘reproductive tourism’ and helping couples to realise their dream of parenthood.

In this section...

An overview

Many couples today are not trying for a family until they are in their late thirties or forties due to work, financial or educational demands, or s ...

IVF treatment

Infertility means the inability to naturally conceive a child and couples are generally considered to have fertility problems if they don’t fall ...

Other types of treatment

Along with IVF there are other types of infertility treatments available. ...

Sperm donation

Donor insemination (DI) is artificial insemination using sperm from a donor to help couples become pregnant if they are unable to conceive naturall ...

Egg donation

Donor eggs give couples the possibility of bearing a child and can be considered when a woman has low/poor quality eggs, irregular periods, has alr ...

Practicalities of going abroad

Overseas healthcare is a safe and viable option but it is important to read all you can and if possible talk to people who have been abroad for inf ...

How to choose a destination

Infertility is a deeply distressing experience and going through ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatments can be mentally draining and phy ...

Where to go for infertility treatment abroad

Depending on your location and the course of infertility treatment you are planning to undertake there is no shortage of places to consider ...

How to choose a clinic

Aim to find a clinic which has suitable expertise, customer and clinical care, and offers safe and up-to-date infertility treatments at a price you ...

Questions to ask

Aim to read up and familiarise yourself as much as possible with the different infertility treatments and options. ...

Comparing the costs

Submit an infertility treatment enquiry for a price quote on Treatment Abroad to get an idea of how much the treatment will cost in a handful of co ...


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