Quality Gastric Bypass: Obesity surgery in Belgium

Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com is possibly the best organisation when considering obesity surgery overseas.  Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com make it possible for you to make considerable savings on obesity surgery costs while obtaining high quality, fast and effective weight loss surgery. One of very few overseas surgery organisation to offer surgical cost overrun insurance.

Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com  obesity surgery treatment takes place in a Leading Academic Hospital in Antwerp Belgium. The multi disciplinary obesity team led by Prof Dr Guy Hubens coupled with leading obesity surgeon Dr Stefaan De Clercq have the benefit of 30 years of experience of weight loss treatment, having undertaken  thousands of successful  bariatric surgery procedures.

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The Obesity Centre at Antwerp University Hospital

Once you have made your decision to have obesity surgery, all that is left is to contact Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com in order to schedule your treatment for the date you find most convenient. There will be no delays or waiting lists.

To book:

  • Complete the online pre-surgery questionnaire
  • Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com will contact you to set a target date for treatment,  confirm your travel arrangements, and process your deposit payment
  • You will then receive a detailed confirmation & invoice

Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com is a trade name of Direct Healthcare International Limited. Direct Healthcare International Limited acts as an agent providing access to medical services and treatments in hospitals and clinics in Europe.

Complete weight loss service

Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com's main goal is to provide the patient a complete service. They work with some of the most renowned specialists in Europe coupled with customer service staff devoted to provide the best attention to each patient.

Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com is the only bariatric surgery organisation to have been featured consistently on the media organisations above.

Obesity surgery in Belgium

There are several types of gastric surgery available. 

Why have surgery in Belgium?

  • 6 of the top 12 Gastric Bypass surgeons are based in Belgium.
  • Belgium tops the list in quality of surgery according to a study by "The World Markets Research Centre", a leading provider of independent business and industry intelligence.
  • The results of the independent study on the "Health of Nations" found that Belgium topped the 175-country list with an impressive 98 points.
  • Belgium has the highest number of doctors, hospitals and universities per capita. Belgian surgeons and doctors undergo many years of expert training; places in university are relatively rare, creating a competitive environment where the brightest and most skilled individuals endure.
  • Both French and English medical methodologies are studied giving levels of expertise envied by other healthcare systems.
  • All patients are screened for CPE and MRSA both before and after surgery, this screening is carried out to ensure patient safety and that no hospital transmitted infections are transferred. Quality-Gastric-Bypass.com is the only organisation that carries out such comprehensive safety checks.
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