Professional Beauty: Obesity surgery in Belgium

Professional Beauty provides high quality obesity surgery and weight loss treatments in Belgium, specialising in gastric bands and mini gastric bypass surgery.

Why Professional Beauty for obesity surgery in Belgium?

  • Price: €4,150 (approx £3,600) for gastric band, €7,500 (approx £6,400) for gastric bypass
  • Chris de Bruyne one of the most experienced gastric band and bypass surgeons in Europe with extremely low complication rates
  • Gastric band and bypass operations are conducted within a large hospital in Brussels, Belgium
  • Three nights stay in Brussels required
  • The gastric band is the most popular weight loss surgery in Europe, through minimally invasive keyhole placement of a band around the stomach
  • Surgery costs include an overnight stay in the hospital and all associated fees
  • Every Thursday Chris visits the UK for consultations, band fills, general aftercare and specialist dietary advice
  • The hospital is located 5 miles away from Brussels International Airport in Zaventern (10 minutes in a taxi)
  • Chris De Bruyne is registered with the British General Medical Council: Check this doctor's GMC registration - GMC number 6135672
  • 90% of Chris's patients reach their ideal weight a year after surgery
  • The cost of surgery also includes a specialist dietician consultation and a personal coordinator to assist at all stages
  • The gastric band, if booked directly with Professional Beauty, is guaranteed for 2 years providing you use their surgeon or his team for aftercare when back in the UK

Gastric band treatment for obesity - how does it work?

The adjustable gastric band (lap-band) is the most popular form of weight loss surgery in Europe and Australia. It is one of the least invasive approaches to obesity because neither the stomach nor the intestine is cut. To date more than 150,000 lap-band surgeries have been performed. Since the gastric band is implantable using minimally invasive techniques ('keyhole surgery'), patients who are extremely obese with heightened surgical risks benefit from the conservative entry to the abdominal cavity.

The gastric band is applied around the stomach about 15 mm below the gastro-oesophageal junction. On the inner lining of the band there is a longitudinal balloon (like a bicycle tyre). This balloon is inflated through a small tube attached to a subcutaneous port. The band is left empty at time of surgery but is thereafter gradually filled with fluid by injection through the subcutaneous port. It is thus possible to vary the opening in the stomach after surgery.


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