Weight loss surgery: what do patients really want?


Tugce Kizilkaya, patient consultant at Dr. HE Obesity Clinic in Istanbul, looks at what makes a successful trip to Turkey for obesity surgery.

Patient-centred care

When it comes to obesity surgery abroad, patient satisfaction is all important. Patient-centred care in medical tourism needs meticulous planning with patients supported from the time that they arrive in a country, until the time that they leave.

At Dr. HE Obesity Clinic, as a first step, the team evaluates which weight loss method would be most suitable for a patient whilst secondarily taking into consideration what the patient wants. The most essential elements at this stage are empathy, understanding and encouragement. The aim to produce a customised weight loss package that prioritises both the health and wishes of the patient.

Never alone

Once the package has been decided, the patient’s weight loss journey really begins. Surgery can be a daunting prospect, but the friendly, multilingual team at Dr. HE Obesity Clinic are committed to helping patients achieve the best results and making sure that they feel at home even when they are abroad.

Patients never need to feel alone throughout the weight loss process which takes seven days in total, including pre-surgical examinations, surgery, three days in hospital, four days at a hotel and final checks.

Extensive aftercare

Surgery is only the beginning of the weight loss journey. On discharge, patients at Dr. HE Obesity Clinic are provided with access to a 24/7 helpline. The surgical team, dieticians and patient coordinators are available at anytime to answer questions or provide moral support.

It is important to recognise that, in the case of obesity surgery, aftercare is just as important as the operation itself. Patients attending Dr. HE Obesity Clinic can expect a surgical solution of the highest quality. In return, they too have a role to play and can be sure that they will be fully supported after the surgery to achieve their goals in terms of satisfaction, happiness and health.

About the author

Dr. HE Obesity Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey offers expert assessment and surgical treatment for obesity from an experienced team led by leading bariatric surgeon, Assoc Prof Dr Hasan Erdem. Treatment options available include sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and non-surgical weight loss (gastric balloon).

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