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Our articles and features about international medical tourism are written by some of the world's leading consultants, dentists, medical professionals and healthcare writers.

They are aimed at patients who may be considering travelling for treatment. International Medical Travel Journal provides a library of medical tourism articles aimed at hospitals, clinics and medical travel agencies.

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Obesity surgery in Turkey: regain your health and fitness Dr. Çağatay Demirci, General Surgeon at Kemer Public Hospital in Turkey, discusses modern treatment solutions for obesity.

Advanced treatment of sports injuries in Lithuania Dr Darijus Rimas, Head of the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Centre at MDTC in Vilnius discusses sports injuries and the advanced treatments available at the Centre, including sewn meniscus repair and knee cartilage transplantation.

Transplants in India Transplantation over the past few decades has gradually become the accepted treatment for a number of conditions where organs like the kidneys, have irreversibly failed. Med Tour India 4 Health have the ability to send medical tourists to some of the finest hospitals in India for transplant surgery.

What are my fertility options? There are many reasons for infertility, which can be female factor, male factor, a combination from both partners or can even be unexplained. But the good news is that help is at hand at the Caribbean at Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) who explain the reasons for infertility.

Are dental veneers right for you? To achieve the perfect appearance and get rid of dental “imperfections”, people turn to cosmetic treatments. Dental Estetik explores the most popular dental cosmetic treatments, dental veneers, and explains whether they are right for you.

What is face lift dentistry? In time, everything in nature gets abraded and older. Just like our skin, our teeth get old. The Dental Estetik Center in Turkey explain how face lift dentistry can help replenish your teeth to make you look younger.

Do you have dental phobia? If your heart begins to race wildly and you get stomach cramps just by looking at the title, then don't be afraid. Dental Estetik discusses the reasons behind “dental phobia” and offers top tips to use at your next visit.

Treatment options for a missing tooth in Turkey Understanding that a missing tooth can have a big impact on your smile, Turkish dental clinic Dental Estetik offer recommendations on the best treatments for replacing your missing tooth.

Invisalign braces in Poland - A resolution for straighter teeth As people become increasingly self-conscious about their smile, more and more people are looking for a solution to achieve the perfect smile. Polish dental clinic, Dentim Europe look at Invisailgn, a set of invisible removal braces that help straighten teeth discreetly.

Six steps for ex-pats in choosing a dentist abroad in Slovakia - Smile Clinic As an ex-pat choosing a dentist may not be one of the questions you think about when moving or traveling abroad. Yet it is also one of those issues that can come up quickly. So here are six steps to help you in choosing a dentist abroad.

Quick Fixes in Cosmetic Dentistry - Dental Estetik Center There is a growing number of people suffering from tooth problems of one form or another, some being general tooth problems that require simple fixes, others being aesthetic issues, that require a bit more thought. Dental Estetik Center in Turkey offer some quick fix advice on some common dental aesthetic problems.

What is a temporary implant bridge? - Smile Clinic Many dental clinics abroad, including the Slovakian based dental clinic- Smile Clinic-Dental Holiday, provide dental implants; anywhere from one implant to full-jaw reconstruction. They answer your questions regarding temporary implant bridges and explain why and when they will be used in the treatment process.

Polish dentists make the tourist world go round For some time now, it has no longer been Cracow’s famous castle of Wawel that mostly attracted foreign tourists to visit Poland, but, strangely enough, teeth.

Looking younger with Ocean Clinic’s signature PAVE Facelift Considering a facelift? Ocean Clinic Marbella is the proud home to one of the most innovative techniques - the Pave Facelift, pioneered by Head Surgeon Dr. Kaye.

How facial feminisation surgery can help With an increasing interest in feminisation surgery, triggered by the high profile gender transition of Caitlyn Jenner, cosmetic and plastic surgery specialist, Ocean Clinic Marbella explore how facial feminisation surgery can help transgender patients show their true face.

Breast augmentation advice from Clinic Beaucare A large number of women aspire to having bigger and/or firmer breasts. There may be a number of reasons behind this. As every woman has a different view of her body, the idea of the "right" breast size is a very subjective one and such evaluations are highly personal.

How to get rid of Osteoarthritis in France Osteoarthritis is a real disease of a great number of athletes and elderly persons. Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of the joint cartilage covering the bone extremities.

Why having cosmetic surgery in Spain can be a smart move The strength of the pound against the euro means cosmetic surgery in Spain represents better value than ever for UK patients. Cosmetic surgery specialists, Ocean Clinic Marbella, looks at the reasons why Spain is the ideal destination to be considered for cosmetic treatments.

What you need to know before having Botox injections in Spain Across Spain, and in Marbella, you will find many beauty salons and hairdressers offering Botox injections, many of them advertising what appear to be very attractive prices. Ocean Clinic Marbella look at what risks you take by choosing to have your procedure outside of a medical setting.

Cross-border reproductive care in Europe A significant number of couples are travelling abroad for fertility treatment each year. Although the actual figure is unknown, the couples travel to obtain fertility treatments available in other countries.

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