What is face lift dentistry?

In time, everything in nature gets abraded and older. Just like our skin, our teeth get old. The Dental Estetik Center in Turkey explain how face lift dentistry can help replenish your teeth to make you look younger.

There is a layer, called the enamel, as the most outer surface of the structure of a tooth. The enamel makes your teeth appear lively and shinier. When we smile, it makes our smile gleam with its shiny appearance. Though, in time, that lively enamel gets abraded, turns matte, cracks and even breaks off. Your enamel gets old in time. With the abrasion, your teeth become vulnerable to abrasion as well, giving your lower face an older appearance.

Your teeth are supportive systems for the lower part of your face. Your incisors support your lips. One mm of abrasion on your incisors cause 3 mms of loss of your lips. While talking, or grinning, your incisors support your lips.

Brushing incorrectly, consuming acidic foods or nuts abrade the enamel off from your incisors. Your molar teeth support the soft tissue surrounding cheeks, lips and jaws. An abrasion on molar teeth interferes with the golden ration of your face, shortening the space between the tip of your jaws and your nose.

  • The wrinkles, called SAD LIPS, start to appear at the corners of your lower lip.
  • Your jaws get rounded, in other words, the tip of your jaws gets more pronounced and extends further forwards.
  • Your cheeks sag. The lines bordering your lips become more pronounced.

In today’s world, no one wants to get old. This is why an increasing number of people turn to cosmetic procedures to look younger. The United States is one of the countries that pays the most importance to smiles and a young appearance. Today, one of the most popular topics in the United States regarding dentistry is face lift dentistry. The cosmetic surgeons wish to make use of the elevation effect created by reforming the supportive teeth into their form before abrasion. Many cosmetic surgeons work in collaboration with dentists. Dentists replace the incisors and the molar teeth with respect to the golden ratio, and after a waiting period for the lips to adapt to the new form, new procedures are applied.

Face lift dentistry

In face lift dentistry applications, the enamel tissue on the incisor surfaces facing lips is replenished, through which the lips start to appear fuller. Besides, as the upper teeth regain their enamel layer, they elevate the upper lip and become more visible when the patient speaks. When young individuals speak, their upper teeth are more visible and as they get older, they lose visibility and the lower teeth get more visible. This creates an older appearance. The lower teeth of politicians are especially visible as they speak, and they are yellow and abraded. Visible lower teeth create a rugged appearance, in addition to making you look older.

Face lift dentistry aims to recreate the once-existent gap between the tips of a nose and jaws. This is why a facial analysis through photographs is required. The level of abrasion on teeth is assessed and the calculation of how much to add is made, then the patient is informed of how these changes will come into effect virtually, or via temporary restorations on their teeth. Photographs are taken following these temporary restorations and the individual sees their final look. The elevation effect that is formed via the additions made to molar teeth to bring them back to their original size with permanent restorations relieves the muscles supporting the tips of a nose and jaws, while the muscles go back to their regular function.

This creates a Pilates effect on a patient’s face. This is mainly because the muscles that won’t work, or those working outside of their destined functions, make the facial skin sag. When these muscles function properly, the LIFT effect comes into effect. The jaw joints are also relieved following a therapy, because the joints go back into their destined rooms with the elevation of teeth. Joints are important elements of eliminating dental problems. Many treated individuals chew better, having less headaches and no crackling jaw joints.

Face lift dentistry is a method that is used when abraded teeth are the problem. Taking protective measures when your teeth are still young is quite important. This is why you should avoid the causes of dental abrasion.

The causes of dental abrasion are:

  • Consuming acidic foods or beverages: Pickles, sodas etc.
  • Using abrasive toothpastes: These toothpastes promise whiter teeth, but they include high amounts of abrasives, dusts and carbonates.
  • Brushing teeth incorrectly: Using the horizontal motion too intensely
  • Clenching and grinding teeth – Relying solely on incisors to break nuts
  • Consuming hot foods or beverages, immediately after cold ones, or vice versa. Abrasions and breakages on your teeth should be treated while they are not complex. If you grind your teeth, you should use mouth guards at night. To determine all these problems and solve them, visiting your dentist every 6 months is of great importance.


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