Top 3 reasons why India has become the best place to get Dental Implants

Dr.Mala Makar of Healthy Smiles Dental Care Centre explain why India is the top destination for dental implants.

The exciting idea of getting affordable dental treatment along with the opportunity of exploring a new country has been gaining a lot of takers across the globe. This is the very reason why people across the globe are crossing geographical borders to seek dental health care. When it comes to India, Dental Tourism to get Dental Implants has become the most sought after treatment.  

According to a latest research, the Indian healthcare industry is growing rapidly and is expected to become a $280 billion (more than 17 lakh crore) industry by 2020.  In comparison to other Dental tourism destinations, India has taken the lead, essentially due to the cost effectiveness of treatment available in this country. For example, a patient from UK who plans to travel to a medical tourism destination has more chances of saving better if he/she decides to visit India than say, its competitor Thailand or other European countries.

Read along to know why India is chosen the most times amongst international patients for Dental Implants treatment:

1.   Affordable Dental Implants – Dental Implants cost in India are almost half as compared to other popular dental tourism destination like Poland, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Hungry… . Below chart will give a comparison of Single Dental Implant cost in India in comparison to other countries.

  Country Single Implant Cost
1 India GBP 310
2 Mexico GBP 755
3 Poland GBP 580
4 Belgium GBP 750
5 Turkey GBP 570
6 Spain GBP 605
7 Hungry GBP 530

2.    Best Health Care - The dental healthcare industry in India remains one of the best worldwide. In this day and age, the Dental Healthcare services in India are as good as anywhere in the world and in some cases even better. India has the best of everything: best technology, best managers, best specialists and best nurses. A number of dental establishments, like Healthy Smilez Clinic, which are accredited by international standards, offer premiere treatment at a rate almost 50 to 70 per cent less than that of any European or American country.

3.    Indian Hospitality – With the motto: ‘Atithi Devo Bhava” Sanskrit for “Guests are equivalent to God” , India offers the best hospitality and patient care than any of the other dental tourism destinations.  Dental Clinics provide personalised dental tour packages for tourists at highly affordable prices. The dental packages contain services like appointment fixing with dental specialists, transport & accommodation services as per patient’s requirement, helping to obtain visa and even arrangements for sightseeing, local transportation, and shopping, if required by the patient or family members.

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