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Our articles and features about international medical tourism are written by some of the world's leading consultants, dentists, medical professionals and healthcare writers.

They are aimed at patients who may be considering travelling for treatment. International Medical Travel Journal provides a library of medical tourism articles aimed at hospitals, clinics and medical travel agencies.

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Digital technology for perfect visual appeal Zara Dental Centar (ZDC), a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Croatia specialising in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, looks at how digital technology is used to create the perfect smile.

What to do when Cabin Fever Strikes Leading medical tourism agency, Medical Travel Czech, discusses how cabin fever contributes to expanding waistlines in the winter and outlines steps to combat it.

Time-lapse technology: one step forward towards the selection of the best embryo IVF Spain in Alicante discusses how advances in time-lapse technology are providing the know-how to be able to select the best embryo for transfer, increasing the probability of achieving a pregnancy and reducing the possibility of multiple pregnancy and the associated risks.

Becoming a Mother after Cancer Eight out of ten women who have completed cancer treatment can become pregnant.

Dental Holidays Abroad: All you need to know Dental Holidays Crete looks at why dental holidays are so popular and why people choose Crete as their destination.

Female fertility later in life What happens when a woman decides to have a baby over 40?

How To Recover Faster From Cosmetic Surgery Medical Travel, the Czech Republic's leading medical tourism agency, offers some tips on how to speed up the recovery process following cosmetic surgery.

Institut Marquès launches male fertility studies in Ireland and Italy Institut Marquès, launches male fertility studies in the European countries with the highest and lowest birth rates.

Tell us about your treatment abroad: IMTJ Medical Travel Survey 2019 Your input will help other people who are considering travelling to another country for surgery, medical or dental treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry: improving your smile Dental Holidays Crete looks at the current trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Why take the leap and fly to Dental Care Croatia? Why you should fly to Croatia for your dental care

What Are Stem Cells Used For? Medical Travel, the leading travel agency in the Czech Republic, looks at the capability of stem cells in treating various illnesses.

Are makeover treatments a necessity, vanity, or both? Dental Care Croatia believe cosmetic dental surgery has countless benefits

Medical Tourism from a Medical Tourist's Perspective Medical Travel Czech explains the history of medical tourism.

When Is The Best Time For Surgery? Medical Travel Czech looks at when to have cosmetic surgery.

What is the Connection Between Meditation and Our Health? In this article, Akesis Life's Josh Tenzin, a Holistic Counselor, explores the connection betwene meditation and health.

Infertility can be effectively treated for both women and men Director of Clinic EGV in Latvia, Gynecologist – Reproductologist Dr. Zane Vitina discusses the latest developments in infertility treatment including the surgical treatment of male infertility (TESE, PESA, micro TESE and MESA).

Why are thousands going to Prague for IVF treatment? A unique success story revealed Medical Travel Czech Republic discusses the growth of IVF treatment in Prague

Infertility and men. Things you should know When time passes without conceiving, a couple starts thinking that there might be some infertility issue. In most cases, people think that the woman is infertile, but what about the male infertility?

Interview with Leonor Ortega, Head of the IVF Spain laboratory Leonor Ortega, Head of the IVF Spain laboratory in Alicante answers some common questions about fertility treatment and IVF.

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