Quick fixes in cosmetic dentistry

There is a growing number of people suffering from tooth problems of one form or another, some being general tooth problems that require simple fixes, others being aesthetic issues, that require a bit more thought. Dental Estetik Center in Turkey offer some quick fix advice on some common dental aesthetic problems. 

Before some occasions, the need to be approved and the fear of rejection increases in some people. In this regard, while we were okay with the colour of our teeth, or the spaces in-between until a particular day, we may need quick fixes to look better before a wedding, or an important ceremony. Everyone should be given an opportunity to change. 

Dental Estetik Center demonstrate what may be done to give you the confident smile you deserve.

At first, Dental Estetik will assess your needs.  They will ask you quick test questions to figure out what makes you unhappy about your teeth; whether it is:

the shape of your teeth?

the position of your teeth?

how they appear when they smile?


In this context, the problem is determined through analysis. It will be determined whether an urgent treatment is appropriate for you and a trial smile -that is a smile design, is formed. The new smile is photographed to determine if the design suits your needs. After assessing your needs and planning a treatment, Dental Estetik will begin the treatment.

Gum treatment 

Levelling the gums

To fix the red and infested look of gums, Dental Estetik will initially clean your gums and level them with lasers. Irregular gums affect a smile, as much as teeth.

Just like that of your teeth, gums have an important role for your smile. Their over-visibility, under-visibility or a lack thereof, create an unwanted appearance, causing teeth to look shorter. For example, when people smile, generally the gums of their semi-small molar teeth show; which is not a desired appearance. These teeth are doomed to look shorter no matter what is done, unless your gums are levelled.

To fix this irregularity, Dental Estetik may need to cut 1-1,5 mms off from gums.

The gums around your teeth consist of two parts: 

1. Sticky Gums: These gums are stuck onto your bones.

2. Non-Sticky Gums: They are located at the neck of your teeth and they are not stuck onto your bone, like the flesh at the base of our nails. Gums are fixed at this part. This procedure is also known as a gum makeover.

The Advantages of a Gum Makeover (Gingyvectomy)

This procedure helps enhance the harmony between your gums and lips. For instance, there are cases where just the gums are visible. In the cases where there is an irregularity between the gum levels of the second teeth, one of them will look short, while the other one will look longer. So, it is impossible to create a perfect harmony in between your teeth. To create a complete symmetry, you need gum lengths that match.

Dental bleaching 

Household, office type bleaching methods

Laser bleaching

All the above methods are used to give your teeth a whiter appearance.

Stains from smoking give a rugged and an ugly appearance, especially for the grooms. For the brides, such stains are not even desired. This is why, to smile without constraints on your wedding photos, you need a cleaner appearance on your teeth.

New non-invasive designs on teeth

Spaced teeth,

Slightly crooked teeth,

Breakages at the tips of teeth,

Teeth that are visibly blocked by lips,

Teeth that are short, passive and invisible while smiling,

Teeth that look rugged due to spaces between lower teeth may be restored without any milling from the dental tissue, via COMPOSITES. This technique is called the COMPOSITE LAMINATE technique.

Decays in between teeth

They cause a darker and a dirtier appearance in between teeth, so they need to be filled and cleaned. Every patient may need to change at any time. This is why they should be offered an option to do so.


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Dental Estetik Center in Ankara, Turkey is a modern, pioneering dental clinic offering the latest dental treatments and techniques to patients of all ages. With a team of highly trained and experienced dentists, they provide a range of high quality and affordable services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, family dentistry, orthodontics, dental and maxillofacial surgery, and laser treatments.


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