What is it?

Peloidotherapy involves dissolving highly mineralised, purified therapeutic mud or peat in water and applying to the body as a thermal therapy.  The fresh mud comprises decomposed aquatic plants.

How does it work?

The spa physician will decide whether to give the patient a full or partial mud pack to be placed directly on to the skin at around 40 degrees Celsius.  The effect of the hot mud is extremely relaxing to the muscles, reducing local swellings around joints, muscle tension and strengthening anti-inflammatory activity and immune processes within the body.  Peat is used in a form of wraps for locomotive system disorders, gynaecological disorders and respiratory tract disorders.

What does it treat?

Peloidotherapy is used to treat rheumatism, inflammation, neuralgia and obesity.  The heat improves the blood circulation rate and the local metabolism.  This therapy also helps to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks.

Which countries offer this treatment?

  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Slovak Republic

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