Super sight surgery in Thailand

Treatment: Laser correction of poor sight (LASIK) (per eye)
Provider: Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
Date: Mar 2016

Archie D travelled to Thailand and had Super sight laser eye surgery recently.

I am a tourist on holiday in Thailand. I would like to place on record my appreciation of Dr Somchai Trakoolshokesatian of the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital’s Super Sight Unit, for restoring my eyesight. For the past 40 years, it has been necessary for me to have spectacles for reading and also for farsightedness.

Now at the age 84 I am overwhelmed that I can both read and watch TV without glasses. The operation is painless. I was awake during the one hour operation on both eyes as I was given a local anesthetic. This was done by simple eye drops. My natural lenses were removed by a technique called Phacoemulsification. Dr Somchai made a very small cut in the eyes, softened the lens with sound waves and removed in through a small tube.

The back layer of the lens was left and then artificial lens were implaned. I understand the, unlike laser treatment, this operation is only performed by Dr Somchai for the whole of Asia and is otherwise only undertaken in USA and Germany. This is a great testimony to Thailand’s advances in the field of medicine. Since the operation, I have been very happy with the result that several of my friends have shown and interest in having the treatment. I can only advise to do it as soon as possible and throw away those spectacles.

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