Laser eye surgery success in Vilnius

Treatment: Laser correction of poor sight (LASIK) (per eye)
Provider: Medical Diagnostic And Treatment Centre
Date: Jan 2017

Laser eye surgery success in Vilnius

Increasing numbers of people are flying to Vilnius, Lithuania, for laser eye surgery. A highly trained and qualified team of doctors at the privately run Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre (MDC) uses the very latest technology to perform fast, painless, effective laser surgery at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere.

The doctors at the centre’s Department of Ophthalmology precisely diagnose and correct all common vision problems – near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism – to stop their patients’ dependence on prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Refractive surgery is the term used for these surgical procedures, the most popular being Lasik laser treatment. The doctors make careful analysis and diagnosis to determine which method of refractive surgery is best for every patient, depending on their needs.

Patients using laser eye surgery to correct their vision in Vilnius are always amazed at the speed of their recovery, experiencing positive results as soon as the following day.

Doctors are no longer surprised when their patients experience the ‘Wow’ factor as they realise how much they can see so soon after surgery. Typically patients can go back to their normal lives – working, driving, going out to dinner – the next day, and without needing their glasses.

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre is the first choice for expat patients living and working in Lithuania, as well as for patients coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Nordic and Baltic countries, Germany, Canada, Australia and elsewhere.

Personal testimony

Martin Ellis is full of praise and recommendations after flying from Cumbria in the UK to have laser eye surgery at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.

My eyes are perfect now and I can see distances without glasses, day and night, and without dryness” he says. “The effect was almost immediate. The day after surgery we went to a café and on the way I was amazed I could see all the birds without my glasses. Even on the same day, having dinner at a restaurant, I could see my surroundings perfectly.”

Doctor Lolita Jotautiene comments: “This case was fairly complicated in that the patient was already in his 50s and had astigmatism, where vision was blurred or distorted at all distances. Mr Ellis is an HGV driver whose livelihood depends on exceptional night vision and for whom it was not easy to wear glasses, taking them off and putting them on all the time. Yet everything went well, with no dry eyes after surgery.”

Mr Ellis recalls: “I googled laser eye surgery and found that prices in the UK were expensive. I looked at many places and found the MDC in Vilnius when I decided to check the prices in Europe.”

He adds: “Doctor Lolita Jotautiene is very professional. I was in safe hands the whole time I was at the clinic. The equipment was state-of-the-art, the environment was cosy and friendly with helpful nursing staff, all of them speaking excellent English and making me feel comfortable.”

Best for quality

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre’s ultra-modern lasers are some of the fastest on the market, ensuring that the laser speed is very quick and highly accurate.

Patients never suffer from dry eye after surgery,” Dr Lolita Jotautiene assures. “After two to four days the patient returns to the clinic so we can double-check everything is fine, and then they’re free to fly back to their home countries.”

A wide range of eye surgeries take place at the clinic, all of them using the latest technologies. If necessary, 14 private rooms allow for overnight stays, manned 24/7 by intensive care doctors. The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre prides itself on its safe services, with all surgeries perfectly sterile and all staff putting on masks, gloves, hair nets and aprons before entering.

Organisation at the clinic was very efficient, from the first consultation to the surgery itself,” Mr Ellis says. “I think the medical services I experienced were better than in England and the surgery was more than half the price. Even with the travel costs it was much cheaper than the UK.”

It was Mr Ellis’ second visit to Vilnius, so he knew he would find a good hotel easily.

I like Vilnius very much and there are lots of things to see and do. It’s easy to get around – I had the etaksi taxi app on my phone and was able to order good, cheap rides easily. I was not let down once.”

Also aiding Mr Ellis was the fact that Vilnius is served by wide variety of airlines, including low-cost carriers.

Vilnius is a Ryanair destination, so I was able to book cheap flights from Liverpool airport,” he said.

Without doubt I would have no hesitation in recommending MDC to anyone. Everything went smoothly from start to finish and it's the best thing I have ever done. I just wish I had done it years ago.”

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Medical Diagnostic And Treatment Centre
Private hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania

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