Facelift surgery at Medlife Group in Turkey

Treatment: Facelift
Provider: Medlife Group
Date: Nov 2018

When Moira returned to Ireland after 35 years in the United States, she was determined to change more than just her place of residence!

Moira is from Ireland. She moved to the United States when she married her husband. She stayed in the States for over 35 years, but one day she decided to go back to her home country again. It was hard to say goodbye to her sons, but she wanted to change something in her life and this wouldn’t be the first and last change for her. As everyone knows, once a woman decides to change, no one can stop her.

When Moira met with Medlife Group, she was 60 years old. They had never seen a woman so determined to change like this before. She was so excited when their medical consultant called her for the first time.

Moira had applied to Medlife for face lift surgery and her story began when she sent her photos for assessment. Medlife's medical consultant immediately passed on her pictures to the surgeon and filled him in on the details that she had taken from Moira. The surgeon then read all the details before deciding what he could do for Moira, combining his professional opinions with her requests, and reporting back to the medical consultant.

The second contact between Moira and Medlife's medical consultant was on WhatsApp, where the consultant was able to explain all the details of the proposed treatment. Once Moira had decided to go to Turkey to undergo the treatment with Medlife Group, the consultant was able to provide the additional information on transportation, accommodation and so on.

First Day

Before all the changes began, Moira wanted to have a nice holiday in Izmir for 3 days. The Medlife team took her from Kusadasi, one Izmir's most popular tourism destination, directly to the hospital where she met with her surgeon. Following all the necessary blood tests, the operation started at 10am and took approximately 2.5 hours. The operation went very smoothly and afterwards Moira stayed in the hospital for one night.

Second Day

Moira was discharged from the hospital in the afternoon and went back to Kusadasi to continue to her holiday. The Medlife team kept in touch with her throughout this time. She was feeling okay and was able to ask her surgeon all the questions that came into her mind through her medical consultant.

Third Day

Early in the morning, the Medlife team took Moira from Kusadasi to the surgeon's clinic for a check up appointment. The surgeon was able to confirm that everything was going well and advised her to take her medication on time. After this check up, Medlife hosted Moira in their contracted hotel for one day.

Last Day

When Moira woke up, her transportation was waiting to take her to the airport. The Medlife team sent her home with all their best wishes.

All the changes have been completed for the time being. Moira just needs couple of months before she can see the final result and the Medlife team are looking forward to seeing it as well.

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