PIP implant replacement at Elyzea in Belgium

Treatment: Breast enlargement
Provider: ELYZEA Cosmetic Surgery
Date: Dec 2011

Lizzy Chapman from Gloucestershire was disgusted with the lack of care from her UK cosmetic surgery provider over the issue of her PIP breast implants. Here is her story:

"At the age of 19 I decided that my chest was not going to get any bigger without any help - I began researching companies and finally decided on a UK company. Although I didn't have any recommendations I thought they must be good as they had a flashy web site and adverts in all the women's magazines! (how wrong could I be!). I booked my procedure for breast enlargement costing £3695. I had this done in 2003, When I got home I was very unhappy and called the Clinic to say that the implants were too small and not what I had discussed with my surgeon. They advised me it would cost a further £7400 to have them removed and larger ones put in - even though this was not my fault. Being so young I didn't argue and spent the next 9 years unhappy!

"In December I became aware of the PIP scandal, not thinking that I could possibly have had badly manufactured implants from such a big company, I checked anyway and found out I did! The company had made no effort to contact me even though they had known since 2005. I contacted them and heard nothing back from them for 2 weeks then received a phone call to say I didn't have PIPs. Relieved is an understatement! Only to get another phone call a few days later telling me I did in fact have the PIPs and that they could offer me an 'review' in 3 months time! I was disgusted with their patient care and decided to look elsewhere for help!

"My friend had been to Elyzea Brussels. I, like so many others, was scared to go abroad for treatment, but having heard her recommendations and seeing the results I decided to book a consultation in London with them. I had a fantastic consultation with a lovely lady called Sue, she advised me to go back to the company to get them removed which I thought was great as there was no hard sell. She was genuinely concerned about my welfare! Having had a bad experience with my company I decided that I wanted to go ahead and book up my procedure with Elyzea as they seemed like lovely people and were really helpful! I found booking really easy and the staff called me to run through everything about the procedure dos and don'ts! (none of this had happened with the previous Clinic).

"When I arrived at the clinic in Brussels everyone there were friendly and welcoming and the clinic was really modern and extremely clean! I was taken into a room with a lovely lady who takes the payments for a chat about what was going to happen that day and what I should do in terms of aftercare which was very thorough! I was then given my medication and told how to take it properly - at that point I felt so safe and in good care! I then met my surgeon who was really patient with me as I had a few last minute nerves about implant size - he made me feel at ease and helped me to decide on 500cc. The procedure went well and they informed me that my PIPs had not ruptured which I was very happy about! The nurse looked after me so well and made sure I was OK gave me a glass of coke a biscuit and some glucose. They said I could only get up when I felt ready, I was not rushed in any way! When I was ready to get up the lovely lady (who takes the payments) came in and gave me a gift from management, which was a discount due to my having PIPs. Upon leaving they booked me a taxi, made sure that I was accompanied and even gave me a beautiful rose! I could have cried tears of happiness with how nice they were to me!

"So as a message to anyone out there who may be scared to go for treatment overseas... don't be afraid to go to Elyzea! Travel there is easy and expect much better care than here in England! They are offering a discount to all you poor women who have had PIP implants because they care about you, and expect the highest level of care and service from them with fantastic results! I am so happy with my new breasts they are perfect and most of all I feel that the staff at Elyzea are there for me should I ever need them! I recommend Elyzea to anyone and everyone!"

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