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About Medlife Group

Medlife Group is a cosmetic surgery travel agency in Izmir, Turkey, offering various cosmetic treatments, hair transplants, dentistry, urology, eye surgery and bariatric surgery. The agency is run by a group of creative minds motivated by the happiness and satisfaction of their patients, standing for competitiveness, safety and innovation.

How does Medlife Group work?

The process for undergoing treatment through Medlife Group is extremely simple and straightforward.

An experienced medical consultant will advise you on the procedure you are interested in, using your photos to make an evaluation. A consultant and a doctor will create a personalized and detailed treatment plan, with a deposit from you finalizing the agreement.

After a treatment date is chosen, the team at Medlife Group will arrange airport transfers and a hotel booking, with an itinerary being created for your ease.

A member of staff will welcome you at the airport, before escorting you to your hotel. You will be taken to the hospital by the team on the day of your operation, and throughout your stay at the hospital you will have regular contact with Medlife Group. After your operation and post-operative stay, you will then be taken back to the airport for your return flight.

Why choose Medlife Group in Turkey?

The staff at the cosmetic surgery travel agency foster creativity, passion, and dedication which enables the success of Medlife Group, allowing for every aspect of your care to be expertly coordinated and catered to your individual needs. They pride themselves on their:

  • Expert practice
  • Amazing facilities
  • Doctors committed to making a difference
  • Warm and caring staff
  • Exceptional unified care

The cosmetic surgery travel agency also has strong values, striving to provide the best care though their comprehensive services:

  • Patient focus: they aim to fully understand your needs in order to offer each patient the best support and care
  • Quality orientated: the staff at Medlife Group are reliable and committed to going above and beyond to meet your requirements and uphold the quality, comfort, security and economy of your care
  • Friendly outlook: endeavouring to create a "friendly workplace" employees at the clinic are driven by these core values, focused on offering the best care

Medical team at Medlife Group

Medlife Group boasts a range of highly experienced English-speaking doctors:

Prof. Dr Izzet Kocak: His specialities are reconstructive urologic operations, penile prosthesis implantation, minimal invasive therapy for erectile dysfunction, genitoplasty, genital lesions treatment, pelvic organ surgery and male and female incontinence. His primary goals are patient safety and natural results. He also speaks fluent English.

Dr. Dt. Yigit Kaan Polat: He is specialized in Conservative and Aesthetic Dentistry. Since the beginning of his career, Dr. Yigit has aimed to provide maximum aesthetics. Because of his digital smile design certificate, Dr. Yigit is able to give his patients a preview of the end result of the treatment even before the treatment begins. He also speaks English very well and thus can easily communicate with patients from different nationalities.

Dr. Dt. Duran Odabasioglu: He made his mark through his successful front teeth treatments. Dr. Duran specializes in zirconium crowns, implants, full porcelain crowns (e-max) and laminate veneers; he is also successful in professional dental bleaching treatments and bonding applications. Dr. Duran uses the method of sedation as a part of his routine in treatments for patients who have anxiety or a fear of dentists. Because of his professional approach and fluent English, he often receives positive feedback.

Dr. Fatih Uygur: is one of the most well known doctors in Turkey with a very broad and vast experience from all around the world. He graduated from one of the most prestigous medical schools of Turkey, GATA Medical School and completed his specilization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery there as well.

Dr. Dt. Caglar Korcuk: He places importance on the comfort of the patients and the minimalization of postoperative pain. He has also received a Master of Science Education at the Aachen University and uses laser application in combination with his treatment methods. Dr. Caglar has given presentations at various national and international congresses and symposiums about implantology and dental lasers.

Trichologist Sibel Alzorba: With experience in various hair transplant techniques from 25 years in the field and 8000 patients, she now favours FUE. She can speak fluent English and German.

Treatments offered at Medlife Group

The medical travel agency offers a wide range of different treatments.

Cosmetic surgery

Bariatric surgery

  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric by-pass
  • Gastric band
  • Diabetes surgery
  • Gastric balloon
  • Gastric botox

Hair transplant



Eye Surgery

  • Laser eye
  • Cataract surgery
  • Cross-linking
  • Strabismus (lazy eye surgery)
  • Intraocular lenses

Languages spoken

We can communicate with patient in the following languages:
  • English

Countries where treatment is provided

  • Turkey



Contact details

Main Phone: 
Email: [email protected]
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