Conceiving by A.R.T.: a new blog by the co-founder of ProcreaTec


ProcreaTec is pleased to announce that one of the co-founders of the clinic has started a blog to accompany her patients and patients worldwide on their fertility journey.

Dr. Rayward told us a little about her ideas for creating the blog, “The World Wide Web has made our world of fertility a true source of information for people struggling with reproduction issues. There is so much info out there that confuses and even scares people who are looking for answers.  I have tried to create a safe and reliable space for these patients to easily find high-quality information. I hope to fulfill part of their need to find interesting data that can help them deal with their problems. I trust it will be a friendly resource. I hope to also show that even though fertility struggles are exhausting, beauty can be found.”

Dr. Rayward has tried to make the blog as attractive and easy to navigate as possible so that patients can find the answers to their questions without feeling overwhelmed. Among her chosen topics are her personal experiences as a fertility doctor and her patients who have made great emotional and financial efforts to have a baby. She also focuses on new technologies in the field of fertility while trying to explain them in a simplified way so that any and everyone can understand their importance. She also talks about the latest publications in the field and how they can influence the future. Dr. Rayward loves to communicate to her patients and all fertility patients her passion for Assisted Reproduction.

You can find Dr. Rayward’s blog at She welcomes all comments and suggestions for new ideas and ways to make the blog more geared to you. You can also follow the blog on Facebook.

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ProcreaTec is an international fertility center in Madrid, Spain. Offering a high quality, personal service from a small but highly experienced team comprising fertility specialists, embryologists, a urologist, a psychologist and a team of friendly nurses and customer care staff, they provide a wide range of fertility treatments, from basic assistance to the most modern and sophisticated techniques.

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