How to compare different providers

Once you have decided on your procedure and selected your country, it is time to compare the different providers within that market. You will often find a number of different providers within the country or city of your choice, with certain centres specialising in different fields, such as Budapest or Warsaw for cosmetic dentistry, Spain for fertility treatment, or South Africa and South America for cosmetic surgery work.

Practical comparisons

You can compare different providers within the same country using a number of practical criteria:

  • Price of the treatment.
  • Reputation of the surgeons.
  • Facilities of the clinic.
  • Length of stay policy.
  • Results of independent inspections and reports.
  • Infection rates and return to theatre rates.
  • Convenience (such as all-inclusive packages).
  • Feedback from previous patients.

Personal comparisons

While practical matters are important, you should not neglect your own gut instinct and feeling about a place. The way that they deal with your enquiry and their willingness to answer all your questions, will tell you a great deal about the clinic and the treatment experience you will get there.

If you have any reservations, or feel unsure about a clinic for any reason, then move on to the next one. Treatment abroad may be cheaper, but it will still cost a significant amount of money, so you need to choose somewhere that you trust and have confidence in. If any clinic tries hard sell techniques, move on straight away.

Remember, the results of your procedure, whether it’s cosmetic dentistry or a nose job, will be with you for the rest of your life, so you need to do as much research as possible and be as sure as you can be about your choice.


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