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International travel to the USA is astounding in its availability but more restrictive may be the entry requirements. Check carefully if you need a visa or special documentation. Getting a flight may be straightforward, but being allowed to enter the country can be more difficult.

Once you get there, getting around is possible but remember that the USA isn't just a country, it’s virtually a continent. Due to the vast size of the USA, internal flights are the norm, and these are plentiful and affordable, with prices kept in check by the many low cost operators competing for your business.

Rail and coach travel are also a great way to travel within the USA, with legendary names such as Amtrak and Greyhound Coaches giving you the opportunity to see a little more of this vast and ever changing country than you would ever get from the air. If you have the time and money to take a more leisurely approach to your travel arrangements, you will find yourself amply rewarded with a true view of the USA.

Driving is also a hugely popular way to get around the USA, with many leading hire car providers offering one way rentals to cut the cost and time of your trip. Many of the most established routes across the USA have become attractions in their own right, such as the famous Route 66 and California’s Pacific Coast Highway along the magnificent Big Sur coastline. Motel accommodation is widely available along these routes making touring easy to plan.

Within cities in the USA, you’ll find a range of hotels to suit every budget, along with clean and efficient local transport systems, such as New York’s famous Subway, or LA’s Metro. A ride in a famous New York yellow cab too is almost obligatory.

The currency is the US dollar and USD1 is approximately 0.75 Euro.

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