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Why consider the USA for medical tourism?

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the USA as a medical tourism destination is the global familiarity with the language and culture. American culture will feel very familiar to anyone regularly exposed to it on TV and in films. These do tend to concentrate on the big USA cities and rarely reflect the small-town life that makes up the vast majority of so called ‘middle America’. Nonetheless, most travellers will feel at home with the language and way of life in the USA far more than they would in many medical tourism destinations.

The USA is easy to reach, with a huge choice of flights from locations all over the world and it’s easy to get around once you are there. Medical tourists receive a warm welcome and can tap into the availability of new and cutting edge treatments. The USA is a highly advanced nation with a culture that fosters progress, research and discovery. For this reason, the USA leads the world in medical treatments, with new and advanced techniques, drugs and procedures often available there before they are available anywhere else. So while an estimated 750,000 Americans a year leave the USA to seek cut-price treatment overseas in countries such as Mexico, up to 85,000 overseas travellers make the opposite journey, coming to the USA for treatment they simply can’t find at home.

Due to its elite nature, medical tourism in the USA tends to focus on the top of the range hospitals and clinics, and naturally these tend to be located in the major cities such as Los Angeles and New York. This makes it easy to combine the healthcare element of your trip with the opportunity to do some sight-seeing and take in the wealth of shopping, shows and other attractions that these cities have to offer.

That said, beyond these cities lay endless opportunities to take life a little easier while you recover and convalesce as a medical tourist. Los Angeles for example is within easy reach of peaceful rolling forests and stunning coastal towns, while New York State boasts outstanding scenery stretching all the way up to Niagara Falls and the Canadian border.

The benefits offered by state-of-the-art healthcare in the USA and the opportunities for a holiday of a lifetime can make the USA a perfect medical tourism destination.

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Reasons to choose USA

  • Number one in the world for technology
  • Some of the finest medical facilities available
  • World class surgeons and consultants
  • Huge choice of destinations from Florida to Washington State
  • Regular flights from all around the world
  • Something for everyone to complete your trip