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About Poland: information for the medical tourist

The landscape of Poland has been shaped by history, with glacial valleys and moraine hills covering the northern region, creating no less than four lake districts, including the Masurian Lake District in the north east of the country, which is renowned for its majestic beauty.

In the east along the Belarus border, you’ll discover Białowieża Forest, the last remnant of the vast ancient forest that once covered much of Europe. This primordial woodland is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so tours must be arranged in advance, on foot or horseback, to protect the delicate ecosystem.

To the north, there are vast stretches of empty, sandy beaches along the Baltic coast, popular in the warm summer months, while to the south magnificent mountains rise into the centre of the continent, creating winter sports attractions.

Though a member of the EU, Poland has yet to enter the Eurozone, with the Zloty still the main currency. However, with the Euro expected in the future, many traders are already accepting the currency, especially in major tourist areas. Poland has a surprisingly robust economy, which has been improving steadily since its entry into the EU, and has weathered the ongoing recession reasonably well.

Despite, or perhaps because of, their turbulent history, the Poles are a very welcoming and generous people who enjoy life as it comes. This makes the major cities, such as Warsaw and Krakow highly popular for weekend breaks and stag parties. Away from the major cities, life moves at a much gentler pace, with medieval towns such as Wroclaw offering a window on the past, and the pace is slower still in rural areas, which have changed little in centuries.

As the world’s 17th most visited tourist destination, Poland has much to offer, from active outdoor holidays to cultural and history themed trips, and with a warm welcome wherever you go, you’ll soon feel at home.

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Quick facts

Population: 38 Million
Currency: Złoty
Capital: Warsaw
Languages: Polish
Religions: Catholic 88%

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