Professional Beauty: Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Poland, Wroclaw

Professional Beauty provides high quality cosmetic dentistry in Poland including composite and porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants and laser tooth whitening.

The most popular procedures are: veneers (composite or porcelain), implants, tooth whitening, gum alterations, bridges and root canals.




Cosmetic dental treatments available from Professional Beauty in Poland

Dental implants £500-700

A dental implant is a titanium metal rod, inserted into the jawbone and used to support a false tooth. In practice, both the false tooth and its supporting rod are known as ‘implants'.

Porcelain veneers £260

A porcelain veneer is made from moulds of your teeth in a laboratory. Your real teeth are then drilled down and the new porcelain veneers, which have been designed by a computer to be the right shape for your mouth, replace your old teeth. Your teeth will then look straighter, whiter and give you  a new brilliant smile.

Composite veneers £80

In just one visit you can change of your smile. No drilling, no pain, low costs. In the hands of Professional Beauty's skilful dentist, Michael, dental composite can be used to create beautiful and natural looking veneers.

Porcelain crowns £260

The appearance of your crown is of critical importance. A beautiful porcelain crown has no black line at the top of the tooth, and will perfectly match and blend in with the other teeth.

Laser tooth whitening £320

Teeth whitening to remove stains and discolouration from teeth is a popular treatment. For laser tooth whitening the dentist carefully applies a gel to your teeth, and then uses a laser light to activate the crystals in the gel.

Affordable, high-quality cosmetic surgery in Poland

You can save up to 50% by choosing to have your dental procedures in Poland, whilst receiving a higher standard of treatment, care and professionalism than in many UK dental surgeries.

For example a tooth implant in Poland costs about £600, whereas in the UK an implant can cost £1500.

A highly qualified and experienced dental surgeon

Dentist Michael Karolewski has almost 20 years successful experience in his field. He specialises in all forms of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry. At the same clinic, his wife Eva works as a dentist specialising in the reshaping of gums. Both Eva and Micheal work with Wroclaw University training dentists from across Europe.

The most popular procedures are: veneers (composite or porcelain), implantstooth whitening, gum alterations, bridges and root canals.


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