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Why consider The Philippines for medical tourism?

There are lots of reasons to choose The Philippines for medical tourism, not least of which is the Filipinos themselves. Many hospitals across Europe and in the United States employ Filipino nurses because of their instinctive caring nature and their services are in great demand across the globe. There is something very special about the manner in which they look after others that goes way beyond the standard nurse/patient relationship. Tenderness and caring are part of the Filipino psyche, and they do it better than anyone else in the world. The same can be said of the doctors, whose warm, reassuring bedside manner leaves many European and American doctors looking rather inadequate at times.

Of course, not all Filipino medical practitioners have been tempted abroad. Many have stayed to become part of a healthcare system that aims to become the number one medical tourist destination in the world. Huge sums of money have been spent creating world class facilities to attract visitors, with the government backed Philippine Medical Tourism Program supporting the creation of the very finest hospitals and clinics.

These superb facilities are staffed by doctors who have trained to the very highest standards. More often than not this training takes place in the United States, with doctors returning each year to update their skills and learn the very latest techniques and technology.

Yet, thanks to very favorable exchange rates, and a low local cost of living, you can often find these very high standards of treatment for a fraction of the cost of treatment in the west. In many cases, you can enjoy a luxury holiday in a paradise location, and have the treatment you need, for as little as 20% of the cost of just having the treatment alone in your home country.

For many people, the fact that English is widely spoken is also a big plus. When you are putting your health, and possibly even your life, in the hands of an overseas surgeon, it is always reassuring to be able to communicate with them clearly and easily, so that you understand exactly what is going on. While many Asian nations offer low cost medical treatment for foreign visitors, few offer the added bonus of a fully English speaking staff like you will find in The Philippines.

So, why choose The Philippines? With some of the finest medical facilities in the world, in a glorious location, for a fraction of the cost, perhaps the question should really be why wouldn’t you?

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Reasons to choose Philippines

  • World class medical facilities
  • English speaking and multi-lingual staff
  • Exceptional, mature medical tourism market
  • Exotic destination for a healthcare holiday
  • Fascinating country of over 7,000 islands
  • Warm, colourful welcome everywhere you go

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