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The healthcare system in The Philippines

As the world’s 12th most populous country, The Philippines faces a significant task in providing healthcare to its people, especially when they live in such a diverse area, spread across mountainous regions and over 7,000 islands.

Nonetheless, they have achieved a great deal in providing a good quality of care both in public health and private hospitals, with around 40% of hospitals government run and 60% run by the private sector. Under either system you will find well trained staff, with many doctors training overseas, especially in America. The main difference between public and private hospitals tends to be the standard of equipment and technology available, with only the private hospitals able to provide the most expensive treatments and techniques.

Most Filipinos will play the system, taking free advice from the government run hospitals before deciding whether to try and find the money for private treatment. That said, with a large gap between the wealthiest and the least wealthy, private treatment isn’t always an option. What’s more, with the population growing rapidly, and government health spending shrinking, the amount spent per head on healthcare has fallen sharply.

Private healthcare, particularly for medical tourism, is a growing market, as The Philippines consciously positions itself as the world’s number one medical tourism destination. This has meant the creation of world class facilities boasting cutting edge equipment and state of the art techniques. It has also meant a greater retention of well-qualified Filipino doctors and nurses who may otherwise have gone abroad to work. Today, The Philippines claims to have some of the very best hospitals and stand alone specialist clinics in the world, achieving global standards of healthcare at a fraction of the price.

Beyond your actual treatment, The Philippines offers much for the medical tourist in the way of rest and recuperation, with an extra week in a beach resort easily affordable with the savings you have made on your operation or procedure. Where better to recover from your treatment than on a paradise beach with gentle lapping waves and friendly attentive service from the locals?

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