Vital information on the care of critical patients

The Intensive Care Unit at Vithas Xanit has published a manual which offers vital information for the care of critical patients.

The Intensive Care Unit at the hospital offers vital information for the care of critical patients in a manual designed by Dr. Rocío Aragonés Manzanares, Head of Intensive Medicine at Vithas Xanit International Hospital, and  Dr. J. Pablo de Rojas Román, Head of The Critical Care and Emergency Unit at the Vithas Parque San Antonio Hospital in Malaga.

We are delighted at the outcome of this project which has resulted in a manual offering  complete and concise information about Intensive care, focusing on integral care for critical patients’’, explains Dr. Aragonés. Dr. Rojas also add’s; “The book has been developed to enable staff to help the patient, and to assist them in their daily work. It concentrates upon;  organ failure,  the criteria for admitting patients into the ICU, substitute treatments for organ failure, and the associated complications and techniques, as well as the most relevant types of drug and image testing’’.  

This manual is aimed at staff who care for critical patients during all stages of the process. It comprises of a practical resume of the necessary treatments for the main pathologies which require admission into the intensive Care Unit. The publication will be most helpful when making urgent decisions. Dr. Rocío Aragonés explains that;  “This manual is a type of tool for all of those caring for critical patients throughout their treatment process, from the Emergency Unit to the Intensive Care Unit’’

The different sections of the manual simulate the order in which the patient is cared for. We cover in depth the necessary monitoring for the diagnosis and evaluation of the relevant treatment. We focus heavily on the techniques used in the Intensive Care Unit, the complementary tests which are involved, the main syndromes, treatments supporting organ failure and the diagnosis and treatment of the main critical pathologies’’, add’s the specialist.

Another important aspect covered in this manual is the management of emotions in Intensive care. ‘’We should never forget that critically ill patients and their families are faced with emotional shock, and that individuals cope with this differently. Many of them have doubts, are afraid, uncertain, anxious and come to us looking for answers, help, support and advice’’, explains Dr. Aragonés.


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Vithas Xanit International Hospital is a multi-specialty private hospital in Benalmadena, on Spain's Costa del Sol. Staffed by over 680 professionals, 250 of whom are doctors who enjoy national and international recognition, and equipped with latest technology, the hospital offers more than 40 medical specialties and is experienced in treating overseas patients.


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