Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness: Addiction and mental health treatment in India

With centres across India, Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness is a multi-specialty rehabilitation and wellness facility for people suffering from alcohol or substance abuse, as well as those with depression, anxiety and other mental and psychological conditions.  Services available include treatment programmes based on dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) combined with nutrition-based rejuvenation, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and evidence-based alternative healing therapies.

Why choose Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness?

  • India’s first and only chain of luxury rehab centres
  • Centres in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore (soon in Kolkata / Hyderabad as well)
  • All centres accept voluntary admissions and allow working from the centre, use of a mobile phone, visiting family stays and accompanying pets
  • An expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists
  • Highly effective treatment and delivery mechanism has led it to be regarded as India’s best rehab provider for the treatment of addictions, anxiety and depression
  • Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality
  • Online counselling and therapy services
  • Lets Get Happi mobile app offers psychological therapy anytime, anywhere, anonymously and affordably

Addictions treated

  • Treatment for alcohol addiction
  • Treatment for drug addiction
  • Treatment for prescription drug addiction
  • Treatment for Mobile addiction
  • Treating for gambling addiction or gaming addiction

Co-occurring disorders

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Co-dependency
  • Depression
  • Impulse control disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Services available

  • 4-Day detox program
  • Corporate wellness
  • Treatment for depression
  • Treatment for anxiety
  • Treatment for bipolar disorder
  • De-addiction treatment
  • Personal therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • VIP and celebrity services

Treatment packages


Basic package      
(per month)

 VIP Package
(per month)

De-addiction treatment for alcohol abuse
(4 to 12 weeks programme)

£4500 + taxes

£5800 + taxes

De-addiction from substance (drug) abuse
(4 to 12 weeks programme)

£4500 + taxes

£5800 + taxes

De-addiction from medicines/prescribed drugs          
(4 to 12 weeks programme)

£4500 + taxes

£5800 + taxes

Clinical disorders (anxiety, depression, etc)

£4500 + taxes

£5800 + taxes

Basic package includes:

1 regular private room, all meals, 2 psychiatrist consultations, 1 nutritionist consultation, talking therapies, group therapies (if needed), meditation, yoga, psychoeducation, two follow-up sessions post discharge.

VIP package includes:

Airport pickup and drop off, choice of room, all meals, up to 4 psychiatrist consultations, up to 2 nutritionist consultations, talking therapies, group therapies (if needed), meditation, yoga, psychoeducation, mindfulness, art therapy, music therapy, sound healing, Reiki, dedicated butler/help, six follow-up sessions post discharge.

Both packages do not include any medications or blood tests/laboratory testing.

Treatment, counselling and therapy prices

Alcohol and rehab treatment (basic package per month)     


Eating disorder treatment (basic package per month)


Mental health treatment (basic package per month)


Psychological assessments


Marriage counselling


Acupuncture session


Art therapy session


Drama therapy session


Hypnotherapy session


Music therapy session


Naturopathy session



Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness
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Contact Details

Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness

House No 10, Thai Cottage, near Piccadilly 2
Royal Palms Estate
Aarey Colony, Goregaon




Main Phone:



[email protected]

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