Digital technology for perfect visual appeal

A beautiful smile is a must-have, but not many people are satisfied with their natural smile.  

Today, with the help of digital technology, the road to a perfect smile is faster, more precise and easier. New materials perfectly imitate natural teeth and provide high aesthetics in all prosthetic works - ceramic crowns, veneers, bridges, etc.

Zara Dental Centar, one of Croatia’s leading dental centres, follows contemporary digital trends. Capturing a photo of one’s smile is the first step in making prosthetic works such as crowns, bridges and veneers. Known as Digital Smile Design, this photo forms the basis for the analysis and digital creation of a new smile.

Thanks to Digital Smile Design, today patients at Zara Dental Centar have the opportunity to see their new smile in advance!

Making the prosthetic work itself is the most creative part of the process, and digital technology makes it possible to achieve the perfect shape of the teeth. To imitate a natural tooth is a great challenge. Every prosthetic work, no matter how complex, is an opportunity to make something really special.

CAD/CAM computer-assisted design and manufacturing is an advanced technology that is used daily and guarantees top results. The advantage of CAD-CAM technology is speed, creativity and high precision. The most commonly used material is zirconium ceramics. Zirconium is solid, stable, and easy to process and gives perfect aesthetics and function, and can be used in all regions of the jaw. The highest quality aesthetic material is integral ceramics (Emax), which is primarily used to produce top quality aesthetic veneers and crowns for the front teeth.

About the author

Zara Dental Centar (ZDC) in Zadar on Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatian coast is a world-class dental centre offering the full range of modern treatment options needed to create the perfect smile, including Digital Smile Design, CAD/CAM designed crowns, bridges and veneers, and dental implants.

An initial consultation at ZDC is free of charge and includes a free panoramic X-ray. To book your appointment call +385 98 226 918 or visit the ZDC website or Facebook page for more information on treatments, prices and special offers.

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