How to prepare yourself for the pregnancy process


Prior to undertaking any fertility treatment, it’s important to be prepared for the process and getting educated about what the pregnancy process entails.
It’s vital to be both physically and mentally in the best possible shape prior to pregnancy as it can reduce complications further down the line, and help in getting pregnant.
Similarly, being in optimal health has shown to have a positive effect on fertility treatments including IVF.  It’s vital to have regular consultations with a health care provider as they are in a unique position to offer the latest medical advice, as well as suggestions for behavior modifications.
For those women with medical conditions, the importance of following a medical professional is even more important. Depending on the medical condition, it could decrease the chances of success in fertility treatments if the right procedures are not followed. If you suffer for example from diabetes, then it’s certainly advisable to consult a medical professional on any potential complications during pregnancy.
This is also true with thyroid diseases as these have been linked with a higher chance of there being a miscarriage. There are many ways to combat this issue with one of the most popular ones a surgery known as thyroid replacement. This allows for the reduction on the cognitive developmental problems that might arise in the fetus and increases the chances of getting pregnant.
Another major impact on pregnancies is the body weight of a woman. A woman with a high body mass index is much less likely to have a successful pregnancy than a healthy woman thus it’s important to be in good physical shape leading up to and during the pregnancy. This can also affect the impact of IVF treatments. It’s not just the pregnancy rates that are improved in a healthy woman, the chances of stillbirth and diabetes are also significantly reduced.
There are also some issues that could arise through the genetic history of the parents. There are a number of diseases that are known to affect pregnancies, and these include cystic fibrosis. There are now a number of exciting technologies that can combat this and it’s highly recommended to seek professional medical advice at the beginning. Depending on your ethnicity, there may be certain diseases that you are more susceptible to and a health check with a fertility expert can bring these out.
Finally, substance abuse and cigarette smoking are two other major things that should be avoided. The maintenance of a proper diet and avoiding X-ray exposure are a couple of other things you should keep in mind.
By applying the tips and suggestions mentioned in this article, you can increase the chances of preventing complications further down the line during the pregnancy process. 

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