Tummy tuck in Spain

Treatment: Tummy tuck
Provider: Mills & Mills Medical Group
Date: May 2010

Upon my arrival at Mills and Mills in Puerto Banus, I was welcomed in a relaxed, calm and beautiful setting. Also known as Marbella High Care International Hospital.

While I sat nervously in the Spanish heat, I noticed the outdoor pool, and several individual wicker seating areas surrounding it! Time to explore before all the formalities.

As I walked down toward the pool, I noticed another building with huge glass windows. A GYM?! Oh yes!! Not that Id get a chance to use it as my surgery was quite major, what a bonus that would be to other patients or the guests of patients.

I took my mum with me for support as I was definitely going to need a helping hand. If only she had of packed a gym bag and not all that summer wear!

Surrounded by beauty, my worries of MRSA or infection were non existent!  Which I would have been worried about had I have had surgery back in England.

After seeing to the relevant paperwork, I was escorted to my room, and what a room it was. Spotless red carpet, clear glass sinks, flat screened telly, I felt like royalty! It was then that I really felt at ease.

Soon the surgery became exciting instead of scary. Leaving 2 children behind at home had worried me sick weeks prior to surgery, however I new I was in good hands. But why travel abroad to have this surgery when I could be at home close to my family you may ask.

Well, What a way to recuperate. Waking up to that gorgeous sunshine every morning! Beautiful views. I suppose you could call it a relaxing holiday at the same time! My recovery was much easier as I was completely relaxed, in a clean, comfortable and friendly environment. If I needed immediate help I pressed a button and within 1 second my buzzer was answered, shortly followed by a nurse in my room.

Mills and mills have totally changed my life, I say Mills and mills, this includes the surgeon who has worked miracles on my body, Dr Marco Vrichella. He has completely transformed me and thanks to the physical changes, I have been able to make mental changes too.

I feel younger, happier and now enjoy exercise which was a distant dream before. I had lost allot of weight from 2 pregnancies and used to describe my stomach as a kangaroos pouch. Now there’s nothing there!!!  The incision mark looks like it has been stuck back together. Dr Vrichella’s work truly is an art form. No stitch marks or dots.  Just an even and extremely thin line. I had been to 2 other consultations and none compared to mills and mills.

After my consultation with mills and mills, I knew they were the ones for me. And I could never have dreamed of a better result. I’m ecstatic! Even my doctors are stunned by the work of Dr Vrichella.

I couldn’t fault the care of the staff at mills and mills and I Would definitely recommend them to anyone having surgery, reconstructive or other.

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Mills & Mills Medical Group
Cosmetic clinic in Marbella, Spain
4.91 out of 5 (11 reviews)

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