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Painless and fast - laser eye surgery at Muscat Eye Laser Center

Provider: Muscat Eye Laser Center
Date: Jul 2023

Andrew Clark's only regret is that he didn't undergo laser eye surgery sooner following his successful procedure at Muscat Eye Laser Center in Oman.

"I’m Andrew Clark and I’ve been through laser eye surgery here at Muscat Eye Laser Center. It has been a really good experience. I received a recommendation form my work colleague. Something I’ve been considering for about 8 years since working in desert environments where dust and contact lenses don’t go. But finally after a lot of recommendations I came here and was very impressed not only with the consultation from the doctor but also all the support staff from the receptionist and the counselors. Going through the whole process, the risks, and the benefits. I thought it was a very honest and very efficient process. The surgery itself was unbelievable painless and fast. I believe it was from arriving to leaving was 30 minutes which included all the paperwork and preparations and the time doing the surgery was very short. That night was a little bit uncomfortable and the following day when I came back for my check up and the protective goggles were removed, it was great. I had dry eyes for a little bit and ever since my vision has been fantastic. As a said I work in the desert, so I no longer have to worry about dust in my contact lenses, I can wear any sunglasses I want. I am also a keen runner, and it means I don’t need any special reading glasses anymore, I can go out and buy what I want and I don’t need to waste time in the morning getting my eyes ready to go running. So or me, my only regret is not doing it 8 years before. Its been a great experience. Thanks to Muscat Eye Laser Center."

Muscat Eye Laser Center
Laser eye clinic in Muscat, Oman

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