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Low cost addiction treatment in Thailand

Treatment: Consultation with a psychotherapist
Provider: Sunset - Breathing Space Thailand
Date: Sep 2013

Mike G from Los Angeles, US, was looking for an addiction treatment centre in Thailand and came across Breathing Space Thailand.

"I saw their website and got a real good feeling from the program they offer. I have been to many treatment facilities around the world, including some very well known ones but when I saw the living environment that Breathing Space Thailand were offering I couldn't believe it! My own villa with steam and jacuzzi - the decision was made!"

Mike sent an email to the Breathing Space Thailand team and within an hour he'd received a reply. After talking to one of the team on the phone, Mike decided that this was the place for him.

 "That night I booked a flight for the following day & I enrolled on the 28 day program. My flight was tiring, after flying in from the US, long haul from LA and I was feeling really beat up. Once I'd arrived at Breathing Space Thailand I was immediately presented with the beauty of the place where I was due to do treatment."

"I couldn't believe it, so beautiful and secluded! I then got to enjoy a massage, a steam and a jacuzzi at the spa within the Breathing Space Thailand resort. I felt a million dollars better than when I arrived. My anxiety levels had dropped and my fear was beginning to fade, I felt very relaxed and comfortable! The villa was truly amazing, real Bali style, with air con over-looking the lake and mountains."

That night, Mike sat down for dinner with the 4 other clients who were already there, and they were served genuine Thai food by Breathing Space Thailand's in-house chef. 

"During the 28 days I began to understand my addiction and find some real solid solutions to it. They taught me how to manage my triggers and cravings and how to use relapse prevention and coping strategies in my everyday life. This really helped to boost my confidence and it showed me that there is a way forwards, beyond the living hell of addiction that my life had become. I realised that I was the cause of my own problems and by reading my life story that became very clear to me and that my patterns of behaviour had always been with me - even before I started using drugs!"

Mike enjoyed the therapeutic treatments in the mornings and, spent the afternoons working out with Breathing Space Thailand's personal fitness trainer. He also spent time enjoying the Tai Chi and Yoga activities and has continued with these since completing the program.

"I'm now 3 months clean and with the on-going support of the therapist that Breathing Space Thailand organised for me I am continuing my journey of self-development."

"I would very much like to thank everyone at Breathing Space Thailand for their support, their honesty, understanding, and professionalism. Also, their discretion was very much appreciated!"

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